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The Winners and Losers from the Khalil Mack Trade


The Bears

When you add a former Defensive Player of the year to your roster, you're instantly a winner. Khalil Mack is an amazing player and will be a game changer. This is huge for the Bears and shakes the entire NFC up. This puts the Bears as legitimate NFC contenders and favorites to go from worst to first. This is huge for the Bears as this move causes an earthquake in the NFL. Now that young Bears defense two great pass rushers, Mack and Floyd, an amazing first round linebacker, Roquan Smith, and a great young secondary: Amos, Jackson, and Fuller. There is a bright future in Chicago!

AFC West Quarterbacks

It is such a good feeling when you don't have one of the best athletes in NFL history rushing at you twice a year. While you still have to deal with Joey Bosa, Von Miller, Melvin Ingram, and Bradley Chubb; there is still some relief in the west. This is huge for the development of Patrick Mahomes, the playoff chances of Phillip Rivers, and Case Keenum's backside. 

The Raiders Salary Cap

While I strongly believe the Raiders lost this trade, this trade does open the cap up for their future. They free up more than 20 million and have two more first round picks they can use to get bright young stars for cheap. The Bears are going to give him the biggest deal by a defensive player in the next couple of hours. The Raiders are building for the future, I mean it's hard not to when you have a 10 year 100 million dollar contract. The Raiders are in a worst before it's better phase and I think it will take a couple of years for Oakland to be back to dominance.



The Raiders

The Raiders just lost a top 5 player in the NFL. I don't care if you get 2 first round picks, when you give up a top tier player like Khalil Mack you automatically are a loser in the trade. Now the Raiders won't be able to keep up with the Chargers and Broncos defensive line. They also won't be able to put a ton of pressure on Patrick Mahomes which would have stunt his growth. If they could have given pressure to Mahomes as a first year starter, that would have set the tone for his entire career. The Raiders are big time losers. 

NFC North Quarterbacks

Oh god do I feel bad for Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins. Matthew Stafford will have to be better than ever this year if he wants to take the Lions into the playoffs. Kirk Cousins will have to deal with more pressure than ever with Minnesota. And Aaron Rodgers won't be too settle especially coming off a collarbone injury. I wouldn't be able to sleep if Khalil Mack was in my division.  The NFC North just got that much better!

NFC Wildcard Contenders

The Bears, 49ers, Packers, Falcons, Panthers, Giants, Cowboys, Lions, and the Redskins are all in contention for the wildcard in the NFC. Every single team is searching for an advantage and the Bears might have just got it. The Bears got a perennial all pro and a game wrecker as a defensive end/ linebacker. Every team has a chance, the Bears are making a great case to be the 5 or 6 seed in the NFC!

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