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Why Shaquem Griffin is an Epic Hero

      In my English class this year, the final was to write an essay about the book The Odysseyso I chose to write about why Shaquem Griffin is an epic hero, like the main character Odysseus. Someone who is an epic hero fits these 7 characteristics: a noble birth, capable of deeds of great strength and courage, a great warrior, traveled over a vast setting, national heroism, shows humility, and faces supernatural foes or receivers supernatural help. I think if one NFL player were to fit this role, it would be Shaquem Griffin... enjoy! :)

    Seattle Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin has been defying all odds since he was born. If Griffin isn’t an epic hero, I don’t know who is. Griffin‘s legacy has inspired people from all over the world. Griffin has done something that no one has ever done, he made it to the NFL with only one hand. Similar to Odysseus, Shaquem Griffin is an epic hero because he exemplifies all seven qualifying characteristics.

    Griffin was “a noble birth”. He is twins with Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Shaquill Griffin. A noble family in the NFL is a family of athletes that people look at with the highest regards. If it’s the Williams family of tennis, the Gasol family of basketball, or the Manning family of the NFL; people respect athletic families. Shaquem is capable of deeds of strength and courage. While Shaquem’s brother Shaquill was becoming a household name at the University of Central Florida and with NFL scouts, Shaquem was falling down lower and lower on the depth chart at UCF. Griffin used persistence and strength to never give up. Griffin is as great of a warrior as people come. He hasn’t ever had anything come easy to him. He worked his way back up the depth chart through hard work and became the AAC defensive player of the year. Griffin is a noble birth, capable of deeds of great strength, and is a fantastic warrior.

    Shaquem’s biggest spotlight so far was at the NFL combine. Griffin traveled from Florida to Indianapolis to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine. He traveled over a vast setting and put on an absolute SHOW!!! He set a personal record in the bench press and set a record for the fastest 40 yard dash by a linebacker in NFL history! The world took notice, he went viral on instagram and twitter and showed humility and modesty the entire time. Anyone could see how fortunate and humble he was. Smiling the whole time, his attitude is infectious which was a big reason why he got drafted. Griffin showed humility and maturity while being on the world’s biggest spotlight.

    Shaquem Griffin has faced an unearthly type of foe since he was four. Griffin was born with Amniotic Band syndrome, cutting the circulation off in one of his hands. Griffin’s hand was amputated at the age of four and the very next day he was back on the football field. Griffin has made it farther than anyone has ever had with this condition, and he’s not done yet; half of his story has yet to be told and he hasn’t even taken a snap in the NFL. Griffin has also received supernatural help in support from his fans. Kids with disabilities have reached out to him to give motivation. Growing up, Shaquem Griffin needed to work out if he wanted to make the football team. His dad created innovative ways for him to work out and get stronger. His family and his fans have helped support and motivate Griffin, and receiving paranormal help is one of the seven characteristics.

    Griffin is very similar to Odysseus, because he is also an epic hero. Griffin had a righteous birth with his brother Shaquill in a very athletic family. Shaquem has come back from severe struggles such as being low on the depth chart, showing great strength.  He is a warrior, leading UCF to an undefeated record and being the AAC defensive player of the year. Griffin has impressed outside of Florida and became a well-spoken name throughout America and on social media. Griffin is extremely mature and has faced paranormal foes and has received supernatural help. If Shaquem Griffin isn’t an epic hero, I don’t know who is.

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