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What We Learned From Week 1

Packers 10 vs Bears 3

We learned that this Packers defense is legit. The Packers made a but load of additions in the off season and in week one it was proved worth it. Adrian Amos sealed the game with an interception in the red zone and Preston Smith had the game closing sack. Zadarius Smith also had a sack earlier in the game. The Smith brothers put a ton of pressure on Trubisky the entire game and it's the first time the Packers have had an existent pass rush in a while. There first round pick was also making plays. Darnell Savage was flying around the field and proving why he was a first round pick. This Packers team will make a run for the playoffs because of how good this defense is... and Aaron Rodgers.

Rams 30 vs Panthers 27

This was one of those very tough ground and pound games. My two biggest takeaways from this game had to with both of these team's running backs. First of all let's talk about Christian McCaffrey. This man is a baller. He was most likely a top 3 pick in your fantasy drafts and is showing why. McCaffrey carried the ball 19 times and caught 10 passes. He was the entire Panthers offense and will be an MVP candidate this season. Todd Gurley on the other hand was being held back. He was let loose a little more in the fourth quarter, but Malcolm Brown was taking all of the red zone carries. Gurley is one of the best running backs in the league, but it's hard for him to get started if he doesn't get the ball frequently enough.

Titans 43 vs Browns 13

We learned that this whole Browns super team is going to take a while. This is a project that isn't going to start too hot, but I think by the end of the season we are recognizing the Browns as one of the top teams in the NFL. While I understand this is week one, I was disappointed in Baker Mayfield's decision making. Baker threw three interceptions, and they all came in the most important time, the fourth quarter. He also was sacked five times in the came. You can't blame this all on him, but you have to get the ball out of your hands at one point. The Browns might even struggle next week, but by the end of the season I think we'll be considering them one of the best teams in football.

Ravens 59 vs Dolphins 19

We learned that Lamar Jackson is the real deal. This entire off season I read articles about how he spent his time working on his throwing mechanics and we see his hard work coming into fruition. He threw five touchdowns Sunday and to be frank, the Ravens look like super bowl contenders. With the run game already solidified, the play action game is there and this offense is looks dominant. Usually the Ravens are known for their dominant defense, but I think this offense is taking over. With Hollywood Brown capitalizing on his opportunities and Mark Ingram pounding the rock, the Ravens are going to be really really good.

Vikings 28 vs Falcons 12

The biggest thing that I learned from this game is that the Vikings are a run first team. They looked amazing on the run and pounded the crap out of the rock. If Dalvin Cook stays healthy, I think he has a legitimate shot at the rushing title. The entire year last season, the Vikings looked worn out. They were banged up and their offensive line was terrible. It's impossible to stack the box against the Vikings because of their weapons at wide receiver, so this team is going to be able to run the ball against a 6 man box. Kirk Cousins only threw ten passes in this game and don't expect him to be throwing the ball 45 times a game like he did last season. If the Vikings can run the ball constantly like this, they will be the team we expected they were going to be last year.

Chiefs 40 vs Jaguars 26

My biggest takeaway from this game has to be that this Chiefs offense is going to be the best in the NFL once again. Mahomes looked like he was tearing up this defense so effortlessly. The bad news for this offense is that Tyreek Hill is going to be out for the next 4-6 weeks. On the bright side, the Chiefs will get him back with fresh legs around week 8 and that offense is going to take an other step up at the right time. Also, we are going to get to see Sammy Watkins and Mecole Hardman get an opportunity to show what they are capable of. On the ground, Shady looked like an Eagle. I think it's fair to say that he didn't really fit the system in Buffalo, but now that he's back with Andy Reid he looks good as new. Damien Williams also looks amazing and they still have Darwin Thompson. The Chiefs are amazing at all positions, and they will have the number one offense in the NFL once again. 

Bills 17 vs Jets 16

I have two big take aways from this game, let's start with the winning team. I have confirmation that Josh Allen has the clutch gene. I got the feeling last season, but he confirmed my theory in this game. The Bills came storming back from a 16-0 deficit to win this game late in the 4th quarter. At first Josh Allen was only running the ball, he put up the Bills first points of the game with his legs. When it was time to make the big time throw he made it. Josh Allen is a great player and I'm looking to see if he can do it for all 4 quarters next week versus the Giants. For the Jets I learned that Le'Veon Bell is still Le'Veon Bell. Bell didn't miss a beat by not playing last year, he looked fresh and juiced. Bell is my favorite running back in the NFL and he is just so damn good. Bell is a great receiver, runner, and blocker. Bell is going to do it all for the Jets this season.

Eagles 32 vs Redskins 27

My two takeaways from this game have to do with two rookies. Let's start with the losing team, the Redskins number one receiver this season will be Terry McLaurin. McLaurin is a phenomenal route runner and he looked like he was always open down field. For the Eagles, Miles Sanders looked like the future. While it might not show up on the stat sheet, Sanders was making big time blocks and had a great touchdown run called back. But back to the blocking game, Sanders didn't miss a block, this is the sign of all great running backs. I think this week he's going to get more reps in the running game and will get more looks this week on Sunday Night football vs the Falcons.

Chargers 30 vs Colts 24

My biggest takeaway for the Chargers is that Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson is a perfectly capable running duo. While they might not have big names, they are both doing a great job pounding the rock for the Chargers. For the Colts I'd like to think that there is optimism. In Brissett's first game in a year, he went hand to hand with one of the best teams in the NFL. If Adam Vinateri makes all of his field goals this is the Colts game, but he didn't. Vinateri would be my only big concern for Colts fans, but I was really impressed with how Brissett played and how Marlon Mack carried the football.

Seahawks 21 vs Bengals 20

The Seahawks future is DK Metcalf. He looked like the future at the wide receiver position, and he shut up all the haters who said he can't run routes. Metcalf had 89 yards in his rookie debut and if he can keep this up, the Seahawks will officially have a replacement for Doug Baldwin. For the Bengals, I think you have to be excited about your week one performance. While there was a disappointing finish, this Bengals offense looked explosive and they didn't even have Joe Mixon. Mixon should be back either this week or next week and with the Browns and the Steelers looking awful, dare I say the Bengals have an opportunity at the wildcard? While I don't think they will make the playoffs, Zac Taylor's offense is encouraging.

Cowboys 35 vs Giants 17

My biggest takeaway is that Dak Prescott is assuring that he is their guy. I've known that he is for a while, but he gave Jerry Jones confirmation. I know he was playing against the Giants, but he took care of business and did what he was supposed to do. The Cowboys are a super bowl contender and they just looked dominant all around. I think they are a consistent team who is going to be 11-5 and just be really good, better than last season.

49ers 31 vs Buccaneers 17

The biggest thing I learned was that the 49ers have a defense... as long as everyone remains healthy. The 49ers team is always talented, it's just they are often a team with one of the most heavy IR's. If they can stay healthy the 49ers will have the best defensive front in the NFL. Nick Bosa looked as advertised and he wasn't even 100%, he had one sack should've had two. Dee Ford looked explosive and had a sack forced fumble. After the game he described his performance as "rusty". Deforest Buckner is a dominant force on the inside and Arik Armstead looked amazing. Richard Sherman, Tavarius Moore, and Akhello Witherspoon all looked great and they have Jason Verrett and Jimmie Ward coming back next week. This defense is so much better. Kwon Alexander looked like a beast before he got ejected and Fred Warner is a DUDE. If Jimmy Garoppolo can shake off the rust, this 49ers team is bound for the playoffs.

Lions 27 vs Cardinals 27

I learned that Kyler Murray is built for this football thing. It's in his DNA. In the first three quarters he struggled... he looked bad. There's no other way to put it, but once that 4th quarter hit, he transformed. He has the clutch gene and while he didn't finish with the W, we saw what he's capable of. Another takeaway of mine is that Larry Fitzgerald is still amazing. This man is a straight BALLER. If he's 23 or 36 he'll be making plays like he's in his prime. Larry Fitzgerald is a top 5 receiver in the NFL and it's like he can play another few years.

Patriots 33 vs Steelers 3

My biggest take away is that the Patriots don't "need" Antonio Brown. Would he be amazing to have? Yes, but they don't need him. With Brown potentially being placed on the exempt list, The Patriots will be just fine. Julian Edelman is a baller and so is Josh Gordon. Phillip Dorsett is a playmaker and all three of their running backs can catch out of the backfield. The Patriots will almost definitely be in the AFC title game and I can't see anyone slowing them down if they stay healthy. 

Saints 30 vs Texans 28

The Saints are still super bowl contenders. This whole offseason we heard that 2019 was the last chance for Drew Brees to win the Superbowl again, but now all those haters have shut up. Alvin Kamara looked unstoppable and Taysom Hill looked like a threat. Michael Thomas quietly had a hundred yard game and they didn't even get Jared Cook going. On defense they didn't look amazing, but I was impressed with Marshon Lattimore. He was efficient in his tackling and it looked like he had juice. He was screaming and bringing the energy after his tackles and overall he just look like how he was in his rookie season.

Raiders 24 vs Broncos 16

We have received confirmation that Joe Flacco, by no means is the quarterback of the future. John Elway hyped this man up so much this off season, and he disappointed. The Broncos are one of the most mediocre teams in the NFL and will stay this way unless they make a change at the quarterback position. John Elway is a terrible talent evaluator and unless he puts Drew Lock in soon, this season will go to waste for Denver. For the Raiders, they looked sharp and accurate. I think we learned that Oakland has found their bell cow back. Josh Jacobs looked AMAZING, he is a dog! He runs hard and will run hard for the next 7+ years in Las Vegas. Jacobs is going to be  a great option in both fantasy and reality. 

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