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What Makes Spencer Rattler So Special

Spencer Rattler is the most enticing quarterback prospect in the 2021 NFL draft. He’s got a ton of hype and after watching his tape I can say that it is well deserved. Certain players have a natural swagger and confidence to them, Rattler is one of those players and it bleeds through his film. If Rattler can put together a similar season to what he did in 2020, he should be a lock as the first quarterback selected in 2021. The university of Oklahoma, led by coach Lincoln Riley, has done a great job at putting their quarterbacks in a position to succeed in the NFL. First Baker Mayfield, then Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts, now it’s Spencer Rattler. I expect a smooth transition for Rattler into the NFL and barring anything crazy, I think he is going to be an absolute superstar at the next level.


Starting with what he needs to get better at in 2021, Rattler needs a stronger base. I’d love to see him put on some weight and add some leg muscle so he is able to shed rushers and stay on his feet longer. He’s only 20 years old so I’m not too worried about his lower body strength because he’s still growing and putting on muscle. There were multiple times where he didn’t see an outside linebacker who lined up on the defensive line drop back into coverage which resulted in either an interception or just a bad decision. There are also moments where he needs to have better ball security, but these are all fixable issues.


Now let’s talk about what makes him special. Rattler throws like Kyler Murray and his athleticism is similar to Patrick Mahomes. If Rattler were to be in the NFL today, he’d have a top five arm in the league and his accuracy 20+ yards downfield is on par with Aaron Rodgers and Mahomes. Coming out of Pinnacle High School in Phoenix, Arizona, Rattler was looked at as one of the best quarterback prospects in the country. The same narrative continues today, but not as a top recruit, instead a top draft prospect. His mechanics are flawless and his release is so quick, if you blink you could miss it. Not only does Rattler have incredible zip on the ball, but he also throws with tremendous touch. The ball floats right over the corner and under the safety and lands perfectly in his receivers hands. He throws a very catchable ball. When the play breaks down, Rattler is a phenomenal improviser. Keeping his eyes down field, Rattler never loses his confidence and hits his receivers perfectly in stride even if it’s a throw all the way across his body. There isn’t a throw on the field that Rattler can’t make. Rattler’s athleticism really peaks through when he has to flip his hips and make throws on the run. I’d be genuinely surprised if Rattler doesn’t win the Heisman Trophy this year.


Two teams that I can already envision as perfect fits for the Oklahoma star quarterback are the Falcons and Raiders. Rattler fits perfectly in a west coast offense and that goes well with what both Arthur Smith and Jon Gruden run. Rattler is just flat out special and I’m going to be rooting for him heavily in his junior year at Oklahoma.

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