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Week 4 Preview

Redskins @ Giants

From the Redskins perspective, we have to look at the quarterback position. If Case Keenum begins to struggle early in this game, expect to see Dwayne Haskins come in. I want to see if their team rallies around Haskins similar to what the Giants did with Daniel Jones last week. If this team can rally, expect them to pull off an upset in a division game. For Giants fans, I'm looking at both Daniel Jones and Wayne Gallman. We are going to see how the Redskins defense plays against Jones now that a team has game film on him. Teams are going to be more cognizant of his legs. I think it's safe to say that the Buccaneers weren't expecting Daniel Jones to be as mobile as he was. Now that teams know his capabilities, we have to see how he's going to respond. I believe we are going to see why Saquon Barkley is so special. This is no shot at Wayne Gallman, but this offensive line is not good. I think this team is going to become one dimensional until Barkley comes back, but let's see if Wayne Gallman can prove me wrong. This is going to be a high scoring game and I think we see a couple of non-offensive touchdowns.

Final Score: Redskins 23 @ Giants 27

Chiefs @ Lions

This is going to be a high scoring extravaganza. I genuinely believe that Matthew Stafford and Patrick Mahomes are going to light the skies up. This will be a gunslinger show down. I think we see 4 different receivers on the Chiefs dance in the end zone and Kenny Golladay will get in the end zone multiple times. Kerryon Johnson is going to be a top 10 running back this week. The Chiefs have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL and Matt Patricia is going to try to reduce Patrick Mahomes' playing time as much as he can. By the end, we are going to see Mahomes take over. Early on, I believe it'll be a shoot out, but the Lions won't be able to hang with the Chiefs at the end. 

Final Score: Chiefs 43 @ Lions 27

Titans @ Falcons

I believe the Titans versus the Falcons is going to be filled with turnovers. Tennessee has been up and down all year, but so has Atlanta. Marcus Mariota is one of the most inconsistent quarterbacks in the NFL, but once again... so is Matt Ryan. I believe this game will be determined on the ground. If Devonta Freeman can finally get going the Falcons are going to win this game, but lucky for the Titans, he hasn't been able to do that all season. The Titans secondary has been one of the best in the league, but this Falcons receiving core is no joke. I think we see Calvin Ridley take over. The Titans are going to try and take away Julio Jones so Ridley is going to need to have a big day. I wouldn't bet money on this game due to the unpredictability of these two quarterbacks, but if I had to guess who wins, I'm taking the home team.

Final Score: Titans 17 @ Falcons 24

Browns @ Ravens

So far the Browns have been the biggest disappointment in the league, while Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have been one of the biggest surprises. People didn't necessarily think Lamar Jackson was going to have a bad year, we just weren't expecting him to be so good with his arm. Last week Lamar Jackson had a lot of "lucky" plays and threw a lot of passes that probably should've been picked off, but you can't deny that he has some type of magic to him. Jackson is a legit human highlight reel. He's what I like to call, a stand up player. A stand up player is one that you can't watch while sitting down, because as soon as you sit down he does something that makes you jump out of your seat. This Ravens team is so fun to watch! For the Browns, I think we see more success out of them than people think. Todd Monken has done a terrible job so far this year as offensive coordinator for the Browns, but this week he's going to be able to put up some points. I say this because of his obsession with 11 personnel, that is one running back one tight end. 91% of the time the Browns run this formation, but it's been extremely unsuccessful. Lucky for them, the Ravens struggle against 11 personnel. If the Browns can get the ball into OBJ's hands they will keep this game close.

Final Score: Browns 27 @ Ravens 33

Raiders @ Colts

I think the biggest thing to watch for Raiders fans is the energy on the sideline. This team has lost back to back games and if we start to see fights on the sideline the Raiders are going to fall apart. The fastest way to blow your season is by starting drama between players and a coach. If the Raiders can stay positive and start to have fun on the field, then they will win this game. I want to see the entire defense run to take a photo after turnovers and I want to see their skill positions dancing in the end zone. For the Colts, I want to see one of their young receivers step up. TY Hilton is inactive, so we're going to need to see if Parris Campbell, Deion Cain, or Daurice Fountain can make plays out wide. If Jacoby Brissett does what he did last week, the Colts are going to win this ball game.

Final Score: Raiders 16 @ Colts 24

Patriots @ Bills

This is the game, if the Bills want to prove that they're legit, they need to win this game... or at least be competitive. The Bills NEED to force turnovers and have Josh Allen utilize his mobility. With Dont'a Hightower out, I'd expect Allen to get busy with his legs. We also need to see Tre'Davious White get the ball in his hands. If White can get an interception, the Bills have a shot to pull off the upset.  For the Patriots, it's business as usual. If I'm a Patriots fan, I'm going to look at the different usage of personnel packages. With James Develin out for the season, I want to see if they start putting in more plays out of 11 personnel or if they stick with 21 personnel but they use an additional running back instead of a fullback. If the Patriots don't turn the ball over they will win this game easily.

Final Score: Patriots 27 @ Bills 16

Panthers @ Texans

This will be a game full of off-scheduled plays. I think we see McCaffrey hurdle defenders and Watson shed defensive lineman. This will be a highlight filled game and I think we see both quarterbacks break the 300 yard mark. Kyle Allen was extremely impressive last week and he's shown that he can play. This Texans defense is brutal and Allen is going to have the opportunity to throw for a ton of yards this week. For the defense, we are going to need to see Luke Kuechly get after Deshaun Watson. Watson shakes defensive lineman like it's nothing, so it's important the Kuechly comes over after he sees Watson start to break ankles. If Kuechly can limit Watson's ability to throw out of the pocket, the Panthers chances of winning this game sky rocket. For the Texans, JJ Watt is going to need to put constant pressure on Kyle Allen. Despite his impressive start, he is still young and can be flustered. Watt needs to wreak havoc. I also want to see Kenny Stills get a couple of deep balls. If Watson can air the ball out I see them winning this game. 

Final Score: Panthers 23 @ Texans 31

Chargers @ Dolphins

The big headline in this game is Melvin Gordon's return. I don't think he's going to get a whole lot of touches, but if he can get his feet wet I think it'll be important for the Chargers future. I also want to see Bosa and Ingram get hot. This is a momentum for the Chargers and if they can get their star players hot, then they will be set up well for the future. The Dolphins are in a tanking season, but I think it's important that we start to see bright spots. I want to see guys like Kenyan Drake and Devante Parker make plays. They need to earn their money for the offseason. So if I'm a Dolphins fan, I'm looking at the bright spots on this team.

Final Score: Chargers 34 @ Dolphins 10

Buccaneers @ Rams

If I'm the Rams the biggest thing that I need to do is take care of business. This is a game that they should dominate and play turnover-free football. I want to see Todd Gurley involved in the passing game and Aaron Donald get at least 2 sacks. Speaking of sacks, we need to see Shaq Barrett get after Jared Goff. Holy cow, Barrett has been impressive this year, but we need more players to step up on that defense. On the offense I want to see OJ Howard become more involved. He's gotten off to a slow start and was supposed to be a big part of the offense going into the year. He needs to get hot. I expect the Rams get hot and this is a good game to get started.

Finals Score: Buccaneers 14 @ Rams 34

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Could this be the next great rivalry in the NFC West? The Cardinals always play the Seahawks tight, but I still believe that the Seahawks take this game. I think we see a lot of Will Dissly this game. I think he is going to be Russell Wilson's number one target in Arizona today. Chris Carson is one of the best runners in the league, but he can't hold on to the football. This is a big confidence game for Carson and if he can rush for over 100 yards and have 0 fumbles, it'll be huge for his self belief. I want to see if Kyler can compete in this game. Kyler needs to have his swag rejuvenated, I need to see him air the ball down field and make plays outside of the pocket. I think their will be a lot of highlights in this game, but the Seahawks still win in a a 2 score game. 

Final Score: Seahawks 27 @ Cardinals 18

Vikings @ Bears

Kirk Cousins is 0-10-1 in road games in an open stadium since being signed by Minnesota. Cousins can't win games if the defense forces him to throw the ball. He is a bad decision maker and you can't make second guess yourself when you play against Khalil Mack. I think this is going to be a low scoring slug fest. I don't see Dalvin Cook getting a long run on this front seven and they are going to make the Vikings throw the ball down field. If the Vikings want to win this road game they need Adam Thielen to make plays like he did last year. This is going to be a sloppy game and I think that favors the Bears.

Final Score: Vikings 13 @ Bears 17

Jaguars @ Broncos

This is an other game that I think will be low scoring. I think we have two game managers at quarterback so I don't expect any explosive plays. We might see a few Phillip Lindsay runs break loose but other than that I don't see a ton of highlights coming out of this game. For Denver I think Bradley Chubb will finally get a sack. Even though I think he's a game manager, I still believe he throws for over 200 yards and 2 touchdowns. DJ Chark will have a few plays in this low scoring game and I see the Jaguars winning this game.

Final Score: Jaguars 20 @ Broncos 13

Cowboys @ Saints

This is a game that I think will have a higher point differential than expected. I think the Cowboys will dominate this game. Last year they were able to shut Alvin Kamara down and this year I expect them to do the same thing. Last week the Saints had both a defensive and special teams touchdown. That most likely won't happen again this week and I think Teddy Bridgewater will get overwhelmed with the Cowboys defense.

Final Score: Cowboys 27 @ Saints 17

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