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Week 11 Game Predictions

Jets vs Redskins

This game will have bigger implications on the draft then it does on the actual 2019 season, but I think this game is all about looking for upside. Let's start with Washington; I am focusing on how my future starting running back looks. This is the first game since week one that Derrius Guice will be active and I want to see what all of his pre-draft hype was about. I was on his hype train when he was entering the draft in 2018 and it's time that he shows why he got all that hype. Guice can provide the spark that the Redskins need to make a little second half of the season run. If he forms a good connection with Dwayne Haskins, there will actually be some hope for this Redskins fanbase this offseason. Between Haskins, Guice, and Terry McLaurin, there are pieces for this offense and with a good 2020 draft pick, this could be an attractive place for head coaches this offseason. Now let's talk about the spark for the Jets, they are coming off of a big win against the Giants and if they can sneak out a few wins at the end of the season there has to be hope for the Jets fan base. I want to see Sam Darnold be more consistent and throw less interceptions. It feels like forever since Le'Veon Bell ran for 100 yards and all of this offseason hype that they had seems like it was for no reason. I want to see their young players play with a chip on their shoulder. The Jets haven't lived up to expectations at all this year and it's time for their players to step up. I see this being Quinnen Williams coming out game even against a great guard in Brandon Scherff. On offense I think they put up a few touchdowns with Le'Veon Bell finally having over 100 rushing yards. For the Redskins I see Derius Guice having around 50 scrimmage yards and a receiving touchdown. I think this ends as a low scoring defensive match up with the Jets finishing victorious on Le'Veon Bell's shoulders. 

Final Score: Jets 19 Redskins 10

Jaguars vs Colts

This is quietly one of the games I'm most excited to see this weekend. While the Colts and Jaguars are two teams who've dropped the past couple of games, they are both getting their quarterbacks back. Let's start with the home team, I think it's fair to say that the Colts miss Jacoby Brissett. The Colts dropped two games they should've easily won against the Steelers and the Dolphins. If the Colts want to make a playoff run similar to last year, it's important they have Brissett under center and winning these close games. This is a very winnable division game that the Colts should take care of, unfortunately I think Brissett might have some rust after missing the past two weeks and being without TY Hilton. The Jaguars have an entirely different narrative. This is their first game with Nick Foles since week one and we see Minshew Mania back on the sideline. If I'm a Jaguars fan I'm watching DJ Chark. Chark had an amazing connection with Gardner Minshew, so it'll be interesting to see if Chark continues his break out year or if he slows down a little bit. I think the addition of Foles to this offense will help out the running game because he's a better passer than Minshew. It'll be interesting to see if the Jaguars rally around Foles the same way they did with Minshew. Surprisingly, I think they do. Foles is one of the biggest leaders in the NFL and has a certain magic around him around this time of year. I think Jacksonville goes on a run and it all starts with this game.

Final Score: Jaguars 31 Colts 24

Bills vs Dolphins

While many thought the Dolphins might finish the season winless, Brian Flores and co. had different plans. Miami has won back to back games and I suppose you can call them "hot". While all this is great, I think Josh Allen and the Bills come to Miami and crash the party. Josh Allen hasn't been able to throw the ball downfield all season, but this is the game to get his rhythm down. We've seen quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Phillip Rivers, and Mason Rudolph throw all over this defense, so this is an opportunity for Josh Allen. The Bills have gotten away from their game recently have been too focused on forcing this downfield passing attack, but now they have a chance to control the box and hit passes downfield at the right time. For Miami, Devante Parker has quietly had a pretty good season and they look to build on that. While their franchise quarterback might have gotten hurt on Saturday vs Mississippi State, Fitzpatrick has done a good job as of late. I think the game starts close, but in the third quarter the Bills start closing the game out.

Final Score: Bills 31 Dolphins 9

Cowboys vs Lions

The Lions have all the odds against them, from having Jeff Driskel at starting quarterback to losing 4 out of the last 5 games, it doesn't look great for Detroit... but the Cowboys did just lose to the Vikings. The Cowboys also have a rich history of getting upset so it wouldn't be the craziest thing if the Lions came out today with the win. With that being said, I expect the Cowboys to completely take care of business. This will be Ezekiel Elliott's best game of the season. The Lions have a terrible run defense and Zeke has been quiet lately. I believe Ezekiel Elliott wins this game with over 130 rushing yards and two total touchdowns. 

Final Score: Cowboys 31 Lions 10

Falcons vs Panthers

If it was Adrian Peterson breaking the 2,000 yard rushing mark or Patrick Mahomes' left handed throw, MVP seasons always have one defining play... or in this case game. This will be Christian McCaffrey's MVP defining game. No team has been able to stop McCaffrey all season and this might just be the worst defense he plays this year. The Falcons are coming off of a big upset, so their spirits are high; Christian will crush their spirits. I genuinely believe McCaffrey will have over 200 scrimmage yards and 2 touchdowns. For the Falcons, I think Brian Hill has a good game. We saw Tevin Coleman tear up this Panthers defense earlier this season, and Hill runs a similar way. I think this is a game that will be won on the ground, but in the Panthers favor. 

Final Score: Falcons 13 Panthers 27

Saints vs Buccaneers

The Saints are coming off one of the biggest upset losses of the season and it's important that they bounce back in strong fashion. If the Saints want to bounce back this week, they're going to have to do it through the air. The Buccaneers have the number one run defense in the NFL so I don't see Alvin Kamara having a big game on the ground. I think this game will be relatively high scoring, and I think all three of the big name wide receivers having big time games. I think we see Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, and Chris Godwin all have 100 receiving yards today and I believe we see Mike Evans in the end zone multiple times this week. This game is going to start close, maybe even in the Buccaneers direction, but I see the Saints defense stepping up and coming through with the victory.

Final Score: Saints 27 Buccaneers 20

Broncos vs Vikings

For this game the deciding factors will be which team controls the box and which team turns the ball over less. Brandon Allen is extremely inexperienced, but looked calm in his first start/victory  against the Browns. On the other side, Kirk Cousins is having a career year and gets to play yet another game in a dome. From the research I've done, I know Kirk Cousins is very game day schedule oriented. These are his ideal conditions, a home game at 10 AM. The one mismatch I see in this game in favor of the Broncos is Denver's DBs vs the Vikings WRs. I know Stefon Diggs is a great receiver, but Chris Harris is going to lock him down the whole game. With Adam Thielen out, their aren't many receiving options for Minnesota so they're going to have to win this game on the ground. I see big days for both Phillip Lindsay and Dalvin Cook. I think Minnesota's front seven gets to Brandon Allen and closing this game out.

Final Score: Broncos 16 Vikings 27

Texans vs Ravens

GAME OF THE YEAR... yeah I said it. I think this will be the biggest offensive showdown in 2019. We saw a great game on Monday Night, but I think it's getting topped today at 10 AM. This game will feature two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and the two hottest offenses in the league. I think we see mesmerizing plays by both quarterbacks and the stars shine in this game. From Earl Thomas to Deandre Hopkins to Mark Ingram and Mark Andrews, there are pro bowlers all over this game. This game is going to go back and forth and I genuinely think this will be the best game of the season. I think the team with the better defense wins this game and that is without a doubt the Baltimore Ravens.

Final Score: Texans 31 Ravens 33

Cardinals vs 49ers

Bounce back game... that's what this game is about. The 49ers are one of the best teams in the NFL and it's important they show that especially with how they lost last week. We saw Garoppolo struggle and Sanders go down with injury. This run game couldn't get going and at times it looked similar to the team of last year. The only difference is this defense. This is the best defense in the NFL and I want to see this team thrive. Hopefully we see Sanders look the same way we did two weeks ago and the 49ers get their run game going. For Arizona, I want to see Kyler Murray throw the ball more out of the pocket. He's best when he's throwing on the run so Kliff Kingsbury needs to call plays that utilize Kyler's athleticism. I think the 49ers get Tevin Coleman going once again this week and I see them winning this game handedly. 

Final Score: Cardinals 13 49ers 26

Patriots vs Eagles

Nothing like a superbowl rematch, just this time we get to see Carson Wentz get his shot at the Patriots. Both teams are vulnerable and I'm curious to see how the Eagles plan on attacking this lockdown defense. I think the key to victory for Philadelphia is Miles Sanders. I want to see how Doug Pederson utilizes Sanders in the passing game and how many times he has his rookie running back touch the ball. Now let's get to New England. I think they are mad and they had an extra week to sit in the anger. Bill Belichick is 13-3 in the past 16 years coming off a bye and I think he out-schemes Doug Pederson this week. I think the game comes down to a Carson Wentz interception with the Patriots winning.

Final Score: Patriots 27 Eagles 22

Bengals vs Raiders

I believe this will be the biggest blowout of the week. These are two teams going in the complete opposite direction and with all the momentum, I think the Raiders take care of business. This is going to be a huge game for Derek Carr and I think they assert themselves in the playoff race. I believe Tyrell Williams finishes the game with over a hundred yards receiving and Josh Jacobs with over a hundred yards rushing. If the Bengals want to pull of the upset I think it depends on Ryan Finley. The Raiders have a terrible pass defense and this is where they can be exposed. If Finley can get the ball in Tyler Boyd's hands and if the Bengals can control the box, they will get their first win. Unfortunately I don't see that happening. I think the Raiders dominate this game.

Final Score: Bengals 7 Raiders 35

Bears vs Rams

These are two of the most disappointing teams in the NFL, but I still think one is a lot better than the other. The Rams haven't been able to get Todd Gurley going all season and Khalil Mack hasn't had nearly the same season he had last year. I think this game will be determined by who controls the box. If Aaron Donald and Dante Fowler can pressure Mitch Trubisky I say the Rams win by double digits, but if Khalil Mack can get a few sacks on Goff, this game can go in a completely different direction. After having 0 catches last week I see Cooper Kupp going OFF in this game. I think the Rams keep control in this game and win big. 

Final Score: Bears 17 Rams 27

Chiefs vs Chargers

The Chiefs are one of the most electric teams in the NFL and lately they haven't had quite the same swagger. After getting upset last week against the Titans, the Chiefs need to bounce back. The Chiefs need an MVP game from Patrick Mahomes and I think they get one. I see Mahomes throwing for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns this week and the Chargers are going to have a difficult time stopping the MVP. The Chargers need to run the ball if they want to win this game. Melvin Gordon is getting back to his ways and if the Chargers an keep Mahomes on the sideline they will have a better chance to win. I just don't see it being enough to stop the Chiefs, so I have the Chiefs winning in Mexico.

Final Score: Chiefs 30 Chargers 17

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