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Van Jefferson Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Van Jefferson is the smoothest player in the draft. He’s one of the best route runners in the class and his release package is ridiculous. His catch radius is solid and it looks like he’s been running routes since he got out the womb. He doesn’t have burner speed, but he is definitely quick. He does a nice job catching back shoulder balls and he’s really good in the red zone. He dominated Derek Stingley and caught four straight passes on him. When a DB plays him tight, he has this nice legal jab to create separation. He is a killer at the top of his route and everything he does Is just so smooth. He makes the DB guess and he does a nice job freezing the DB with his stutter steps. Jefferson catches the ball away from his body which makes it nearly impossible for the DB to make a play on the ball. He’s a willing blocker and just overall a player who’s being slept on in the pre-draft process. The one big knock on him is production. He wasn’t in the best offense and he had less than 700 yards all year. Jefferson killed the senior bowl and had his best game of his career in the Orange Bowl. Jefferson is going to be a third round pick and his dad is the receivers coach for the Jets. Van Jefferson was a fun receiver to watch this year.

Where He Should Be Drafted: Middle of the Second Round

Where He Will Get Drafted: Third Round

Draft Grade:

Separation: A

Route Running: A+

Releases/Ability to get off Press: A+

Speed: B

Contested Grabs: B-

Yards after the Catch: B

Hands: B-

Versatility: B

Jefferson gains separation because of his route running and his separation. He can gain leverage instantly and make the DB flip his hips. He's not the fastest guy, but everything he does is just clean. He isn't going to moss anybody, but he does a nice job fully extending his arms, which makes it hard for DB's to make a play on the ball. He can play on both the outside and in the slot which teams will like. He reminds me a bit of Stefon Diggs because of how refined his routes are. He has a phD in route running and everything he does is just crisp. I really like Jefferson and he'll be a number two receiver once he gets into the pros.

Team Fits: Patriots, Vikings, Redskins

Pro Comparison: Stefon Diggs

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