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UCLA LB Kenny Young Interview

Kenny Young is one of the most versatile Linebackers entering the NFL Draft and he will be a steal for whatever team drafts him. I got the honor to interview him as he is in the middle of the draft process and get to see what he thinks. Young is the type of player who doesn't take snaps off and every play gives it his all. Young is a speedy linebacker who is capable of locking down tight ends and his relentless effort allows him to dominate the run game. Young was a leader at UCLA and will be an instant impact player if it's on defense or special teams for whatever team he ends up with.

Question 1: What has been the most difficult part of the draft process and how do you think you've helped yourself since the season ended?

Answer 1: I don't look at what I do as difficult. I have one of the best jobs in the world doing what I've been good at since I was 9.

Question 2: What scheme do you fit in best with and how can you help the team that drafts you?

Answer 2: I will add value to the team's success with me being another weapon in the run and pass game to help teams win more games.

Question 3: What type of teammate was Josh Rosen in college and how do you think he'll do in the NFL?

Answer 3: Josh Rosen will be a franchise QB that will accomplish more success than a lot of current NFL Quarterbacks.

Question 4: If I'm an NFL GM why should I draft Kenny Young?

Answer 4: You should draft me because I'm a selfless person who will commit to the process of bringing a championship mentality to work everyday.

Kenny Young is a bright young player and will make an impact for what ever team that drafts him. Thank you so much Kenny for being my first ever interview it means so much to me. Big things are on the way for Kenny! 

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