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Tyson Campbell Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Tyson Campbell is an extremely well rounded corner back who is 6’2 that realistically runs a 40 yard dash in the low 4.4’s. Playing alongside another highly touted corner, Eric Stokes, only made him that much better in college and he was tasked with having to defend the best receivers in the SEC. Campbell went head-to-head against Devonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, Seth Williams, Anthony Schwartz, etc. While he didn’t win every matchup, the competition definitely brought improvement and that matters a lot. Entering the NFL, Campbell should be ready from day one because he has experience guarding the best receivers in college football. 


While Campbell will most likely play as an outside corner in the NFL, his game comes with scheme versatility. Campbell is more comfortable in man coverage, but he has the ability to flourish in a zone scheme as well. Physicality and toughness are evident when watching Campbell play, he shows the tenacity needed to be an elite corner in the NFL. Playing at 6’2, Campbell is a much needed corner that has the potential to shut down tight ends like Darren Waller and Travis Kelce who frequently line up on the outside or big receivers like DK Metcalf and Chase Claypool. Campbell does a great job at playing the football and batting down passes. It’s hard to find a corner who is 6’2 with looser hips than Campbell. His ability to flip his hips and make turns helps him thrive in man coverage and he doesn’t need an insurance policy when having to make tackles. Campbell showed improvement which really tells a lot about him as a player; he has the chance to be a really great player in the NFL.


One finite problem with Campbell’s stance out of the gate is when he’s trying to press up on his receivers he plays too far back. He should be eye-to-eye with his receivers, being able to feel their heartbeat, when in reality there is a solid two yard distance in between the players. This may be a scheme thing, but he would benefit playing closer to the line. While he did improve every week in college, he still had a lot of ups and downs when playing against Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith. Those two guys were the best receivers in college football, but Campbell paid the price having to go up against them in man coverage. Campbell would benefit playing closer to the line and using his physicality against receivers in tight press coverage.


A lot of teams could use a player with Campbell’s abilities. He reminds me of Marlon Humphrey without the ball punch ability… that will come later.  The Chiefs desperately needed a corner in the super bowl and Campbell fits perfectly in Steve Spagnuolo’s defense (Chiefs defensive coordinator). The Texans are bringing over a lot of guys from the Ravens staff so they may want their own Marlon Humphrey with Campbell. The Steelers just lost two starting corners, Mike Hilton and Steven Nelson, so they could take a shot on Campbell on day two. Campbell got a second round grade from me and that’s exactly where I expect him to go. I can’t wait to see what Campbell does in the NFL.

Tyson Campbell
Tyson Campbell
Film Study

Eyes + Instincts 8/10

Ball Skills 6/8

Hands 6.25/8

Footwork 5.5/7

Physicality 6/7

Size + Speed 5.75/7

Man Coverage 4.25/5

Zone Coverage 3.75/5

Tackling 3.5/5

Overall: 49/62

Final Rating: 79


Pro Comparison: Marlon Humphrey

Team Fits: Steelers, Chiefs, Texans

Draft Ranking: Late Second Round Pick

Draft Projection: Second Round Pick

Marlon Humphrey
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