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Tylan Wallace Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Every year there is one receiver in the draft that is a walking highlight reels. Receivers that may not be a 10+ catch a game guy, but will definitely make a big time grab at least once a game. Nobody mosses more DB’s in this year’s draft than Oklahoma State wide receiver, Tylan Wallace. Wallace was the number one receiver at Oklahoma State last year and is projected to be an early day three pick. 


Tylan Wallace makes some ridiculous, highlight reel grabs. He belongs in the circus because every catch he makes seems to be some type of acrobatic play. Since he does a great job at high pointing the football, it looks like every time he makes a reception, he is mossing a defensive back. Despite being listed at just six feet tall, Wallace plays bigger than he is. After the catch, Wallace reacts quickly and does a great job spinning off of defenders. Wallace is also a good route runner (not great). I see Wallace as a number three receiver in the NFL.


While Wallace is capable of making insane catches, he isn’t my type of receiver. He is more of a body catcher than just a natural handers catcher. When it comes to running routes, Wallace is getting pressed up every play. He has no quickness off the line and he struggles against physical defensive backs. Wallace isn’t very fast, his game speed makes him look a 4.7 40 yard dash type of guy. When running routes, it seems as if he has no plan on his route. He gets too caught up trying to out-physical the DB, but doesn’t actually have an intention when running routes. 


Wallace reminds me a lot of Gabriel Davis. He isn’t a receiver that will ever be THE guy, however he will find his role as a number three receiver. I gave him a sixth round grade, but he will find a role on whatever team drafts him. In Seattle, he’d be a good depth piece behind Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. In Miami, I expect them to take a receiver in the first round, but he would be a nice addition as well. 

Tylan Wallace
Tylan Wallace
Film Study

Seperation 6.25/10

Route Running 6/10

Yards After Catch 7.25/10

Speed 5.75/8

Contested Grabs 8/8

Releases/ Top of Route 4/8

Catch Radius 7.75/8

Versatility 3/5

Overall: 48/67

Final Rating: 72


Pro Comparison: Garbiel Davis

Team Fits: Seahawks, Cardinals, Dolphins

Draft Ranking: 6th Round Player

Draft Projection: Early Day Three Pick

Tylan Wallace
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