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Trevon Moehrig Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Strong safety is the most underrated position in the NFL, they don’t get enough love for what they have to do on a weekly basis. Free safety might be the most important position on the defense, they’re in charge of making sure nobody gets behind them on the field. So why not get a guy who can play both like Trevon Moehrig from TCU. There isn’t a once in a generation safety in this draft, but Moerigh is going to get in the league and be a very good starter. While Moehrig is versatile as a safety, he can also play corner, nickel, and on special teams. His freshman year, Moehrig won special teams player of the year. In order to be a good special teams guy, you need to have a certain mentality. Moehrig has proven that he has that dog in him and will be either a day one or day two pick in this upcoming draft.


Coming out of high school, Moehrig was a four star corner which is a testament to his coverage skills. While he has now converted to safety, his coverage skills are still there. Clamping tight ends up in man to man coverage, was one of Moehrig’s weekly tasks at TCU. He doesn’t get pushed around by these tight ends, he stays in their hip pockets. Against slot receivers, Moehrig is fast enough to run with them and his oily hips allow him to change directions when receivers make their cut. It isn’t his game, but Moehrig is capable of banging out and lighting players up. At TCU, Moehrig rarely got flagged in coverage and had six interceptions in two years. Moehrig trusts his eyes and is a phenomenal down hill tackler. He seems like a guy who has incredible recall, where he recognizes that this play was called earlier and sees it happen before it actually does. I don’t think Moehrig is going to be one of those Derwin James type of players where you’re expecting a pro bowl out of him every year, but I still think he’ll be an upper-echelon safety.


When the ball is in the air, Moehrig needs to be more aggressive in a ball hawking fashion. His lack of aggression causes receivers to catch passes over him and be the “almost guy”. The “almost guy” is the guy who gets close to making the play, but isn’t quite getting the job done. While Moerigh’s hips are very loose, he needs to get better at planting his foot into the ground against comebacks and out routes. Other times he may try to undercut a ball, and it ends up sailing right over him. Moehrig does a lot of things well, but doesn’t have a thing that he’s known for.


Moehrig’s ceiling isn’t on par with other prospects in this draft and for that reason, I don’t think I could draft him in the first round. With that being said, I still expect Moehrig to be a very good player. He reminds me a little of Malik Hooker the former Colts safety who is currently a free agent. The Cowboys were a potential landing spot for Hooker, but Moehrig might be a better option for them. Moehrig doesn’t have a serious injury history and he’s a lot younger. The Falcons and Rams could both target him on day two as well. Moehrig is one of the better safeties in the draft and whatever team drafts him should have the fanbase very excited. 

Trevon Moehrig
Trevon Moehrig
Film Study

Eyes + Instincts 7.75/10

Tackling 8.25/10

Range 6.5/8

Ball Skills 5.5/8

Man Coverage 5.75/6

Zone Coverage 3/6

Athleticism 3.5/5

Versatility 4.25/5

Overall: 44.25/58

Final Rating: 77


Pro Comparison: Malik Hooker

Team Fits: Rams, Falcons, Cowboys

Draft Ranking: Mid - Late Second Round Pick

Draft Projection: Late First Round - Early Second Round

Trevon Moehrig
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