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"I can't wait to grab him next season"

This list is for players that make you say, "that's my guy, that's who I'm going after next season... I can't wait to grab him."

Todd Gurley RB Rams

I don't really need to make a case for Todd but he is trending upwards! He has a fantastic coach that knows how to get him the ball in many different ways. He is extremely dynamic out of the backfield and might be the most athletic player in the NFL. Coach McVay loves him and so does his quarterback, Jared Goff, he will be the number 1 overall pick next season and will have a tremendous season.

David Johnson RB Cardinals

"Ohh... they're going to forget about him!" That's probably what you're thinking. Well, you're wrong. When healthy, David Johnson is the most versatile running back in the NFL. DJ is fully recovered and is going to be a candidate for comeback player of the year. David Johnson will come in huge for the Cardinals next season and hopefully he will come in huge for your fantasy team next season.

Dalvin Cook RB Vikings

Dalvin looked to be the next big thing in the NFL before getting injured. The Vikings now have a chip on their shoulder and that whole team will be playing motivated. Cook is going to be very exciting to watch next season.

Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram RB Saints

These two players make for a dynamic duo and they were the most fun athletes in the NFL. When watching them it's hard not to smile and every one will be rooting for them. Kamara is a beast and Ingram is a pounder, the combine to be straight ballers and will hopefully be ballers for you next season.

Antonio Brown WR Steelers

We got to see who really is the best receiver in football this year. He was sensational and pretty much just better than everyone else. We got to see a glimpse of him in the playoffs and he didn't disappoint. He is a bad man and the best receiver in football.

Michael Thomas WR Saints

Coming off a career year, Michael Thomas only got better as the season went on. He's one of the bright young stars in the NFL and was incredibly impressive through out the 2017 NFL Season. Michael Thomas will be drafted early in the 2nd round and was a force for the New Orleans offense.

Deandre Hopkins WR Texans

In my opinion, Deandre was the second best receiver in football last season and deserves more notice. He should be drafted in the first round and with a healthy Deshaun Watson, Nuk will tear it up next season. 

Carson Wentz QB Eagles

Carson Wentz was the MVP of football before he tore his ACL but should rebound and recover. He is a special kind of quarterback and with a Super Bowl winning team around him you can expect them to be right back there next season.

Jimmy Garoppolo QB 49ers

Jimmy G is going to have more hype this offseason than any other player, team, or athlete in sports. He came in to a 1-10 team and won the final 5 games of the season. Jimmy G will be drafted early and will start for your fantasy team next season. Garoppolo will be drafted around the 8 round and have a great season.

Deshaun Watson QB Texans 

Deshaun Watson was the next big thing before tearing his ACL and with him coming back. He is going to be scoring a lot of fantasy points next year because of his mobility and his team surrounding him. He has a deep threat and a number 1 receiver as well as a great run game. Watson will be drafted high in this up coming year.

Zach Ertz

If you ball out in the Super Bowl you know you will be getting a lot of hype. Zach Ertz caught the final touchdown of the NFL season and was arguably the best tight end in the NFL. Zach Ertz proved he was a baller and with a great quarterback situation, he has a bright future.

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