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My Top 50 Players Heading into 2017 40-31

As most of you NFL Junky's know, NFL Network recently released their "Top 100 Players of 2017". It's a list voted on by the Players to rank the top NFL Players going into this upcoming year. In the NFL Networks version of Top 100 Tom Brady earned the number 1 spot out of all players, and of course knowing me I had to have my own say in this list so I've made one down below. I had decided to make this list of the top 50 to predict the top players for this upcoming season, I hope you Enjoy!


50. Kwon Alexander LB Buccaneers

49. Devonta Freeman RB Falcons

48. Thomas Davis LB Panthers

47. Jamies Winston QB Buccaneers

46. Marcus Mariota QB Titans

45. Ndamokung Suh DT Dolphins

44. Martellus Bennet TE Packers

43. Jordy Nelson WR Packers

42. Joey Bosa DE Chargers

41. Xavier Rhodes CB Vikings


40. Travis Kelce TE Chiefs

39. Michael Thomas WR Saints

38. NaVorro Bowman LB 49ers

37. Haha Clinton-Dix S Packers

36. Travis Frederick C Cowboys

35. Rob Gronkowski TE Packers

34. Richard Sherman CB Seahawks 

33. Zach Martin OT Cowboys

32. Joe Thomas OT Browns

31. TY Hilton WR Colts

Breakdown: Starting at Number 40, we have Travis Kelce. Kelce is a Wide Receiver stuck in a Tight End's body which is possibly the best thing you can ask for if you're a QB. The Chiefs had drafted Patrick Mahomes in the first round this year but don't expect him to start immediately but I think if Mahomes finds a way to get the starting job it will be fantasy gold to draft Travis Kelce. Drew Brees is one of the greatest quarterbacks this game has ever seen and now with a true number 1 wide receiver (Michael Thomas) to receive a large amount of targets all over the field. I expect Thomas to have a breakout season and explode on to the scene! I can see him having around 1,300 yards and 10+ touchdowns this year in a monster season! NaVorro Bowman led the league in tackles last season before tearing his achilles. He is apart of a new revamped defense of the 49ers led by DC Robert Saleh where he'll play a Bobby Wagner type of role for the 49ers. Haha Clinton-Dix has emerged as one of the top Safety's in the league and is getting better each and every year... now I see him getting recognized as a DPOY of the year candidate. In at 36 I see the best center in the league taking his place, Travis Frederick has been one of the best centers in the league ever since he entered the league as he is part of the most feared position group in the NFL. GROOOOOONK, arguably the best Tight End's in the history of the NFL... The reason I only have him at number 35 is because it's so hard to comeback from injury every single season and it's unknown if he can recover. If he comes back healthy I can easily see him being much higher than 35. At number 34 we have Richard Sherman. Honestly I tried to put him at a fair number because I am very bias against him as a die hard 49er fan. He shows up in the big games which earns him the number 34 spot. Zach Martin may be the best Offensive lineman in the league and doesn't get enough respect. He should earn his big pay day sooner than later and will be the highest paid OL in the league. How do you describe a consistent football player? Plays every snap, does his job well, leads his team... that's also how you describe Joe Thomas who comes in at number 32. The Ghost... TY Hilton led the league in receiving yards last season and does not get his respect, so here it is. I believe TY can't receive his double teams anymore with a healthy Moncrief and Aiken who I think will be solid 2's and 3's to him. TY has one of my favorite Quarterbacks in the league and I think the Colts are PLAYOFF bound!

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