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Top 5 WR Duo's in 2021

5. Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry

This is a make or break year for this duo. Both players are absolute rockstars, but have had either consistency or health issues the past two seasons. Odell Beckham Jr. is the high potential guy who has shown he can score three touchdowns per game. There was a period of time where it felt like he was bigger than the sport of football. Jarvis Landry on the other hand is the consistent one. Landry is catching everything thrown his way, but he doesn't quite have the same electricity as OBJ. Baker Mayfield has been getting better every year, so if both of these players can stay healthy I only imagine an even bigger leap for number six. Health is the big question for these two receivers.

Odell Beckham Jr..jpg
4. Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson is not only my favorite receiver in the NFL, but I think he is about to explode in his sophomore season. Jefferson makes every route, cut, and turn look smooth like butter. He looks like Allen Iverson crossing over Tyronn Lue when releasing off the line of scrimmage. If Kirk Cousins comes out and has a career year, I legitimately believe Justin Jefferson will be a top three receiver in the NFL. While Jefferson is the flashy receiver with a ton of swag, Adam Thielen is the consistent one who is a quarterback's best friend when healthy. As a route runner, Thielen is a technician. He gains leverage by attacking the DB's blindspots and is always open when his quarterback needs him the most. The reason this duo isn't higher on the list has to do with their quarterback. From a pure receiver standpoint, you can't get much better than these two.

Justin Jefferson.jpg
3. Chris Godwin and Mike Evans

The Super Bowl champs have made an appearance on this list! Some people might be thinking they're too low on this list, but there are so many targets in Tampa Bay, I don't see them repeating last year's success. With Antonio Brown, Scotty Miller, Jaelon Darden, and Tyler Johnson all having a full offseason in Tampa, I expect a wider spread of target shares this year. Evans and Godwin are great, but all those other receivers are too.

Mike Evans.jpg
2. Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf

I'm not sure if it's Russell Wilson making these two receivers look good, or it's these two receivers making Wilson look good, but regardless these receivers are absolute beasts. They contrast each other perfectly, Lockett is the over the route running aficionado and Metcalf is the specimen. Lockett tears defenses up from the slot while Metcalf is a mismatch anywhere you line him up. Wilson could hit a bullseye from a mile away so that makes Lockett and Metcalf a threat from anywhere on the field. Lockett is a magnificent deep ball threat and tracks the ball better than any receiver in the league. Metcalf will outrun you, overpower you, and is the best athlete on the field at all times. This tandem could have easily been number one. 

1. AJ Brown and Julio Jones

I am so excited to see Julio Jones in that two-tone blue. First ballot hall of famer, an alien, the best receiver in the NFL... whatever you want to call him, Julio Jones is undeniably a freak. While he is in the ladder part of his career, defenses still need to be aware of him at all times. You can't double Jones because if you do, that leaves AJ Brown in single coverage. Like Jones, Brown is an extremely physical receiver who hasn't even entered his prime yet. Both these guys are matchup nightmares, but you can't double them because then the box is open for El Tractorcito. Derrick Henry should be the focal point for defenses. With number 22 in the backfield, both Jones and Brown will be seeing single coverage. No team will be able to stop these guys one-on-one and for that reason I believe they will be the best receiver duo in 2021. 

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