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Top 15 Fantasy RB's for 2020

15. Jonathan Taylor RB Colts

I wasn't super high on Jonathan Taylor coming out of Wisconsin, but he landed in an absolutely perfect spot. It seems like the entire NFL is going in a pass first direction, but the Colts are going completely against the grain. They're going to more of a run first offense that's extremely physical led by Quenton Nelson. Marlon Mack is going to start the season as the lead back, but by the end of the year I see Jonathan Taylor being the lead ball-carrier. He won't put up those crazy fantasy stats up early in the year, but by the time you're making that playoff push he's going to produce. The Colts are going to be a sneaky good team and Jonathan Taylor will be their emerging star. He's not higher on this list because realistically, Marlon Mack is going to take away some of his touches. Taylor is going to be really good in his rookie season.

Stat Prediction: 800 rush yards 7 rushing touchdowns 100 receiving yards 1 receiving touchdown

14. Mark Ingram RB Ravens

Mark Ingram is one of my favorite players in the entire NFL. He's the vocal leader on the Ravens offense and is a beast. We know the Ravens are going to run the ball this year, but the reason he's not higher on my list is because of how many weapons are in that Ravens' backfield. Mark Ingram should still have double digit touchdowns this year, but he's not going to have as many touches with the addition of star rookie JK Dobbins. Not to mention, Lamar Jackson is also the best running quarterback I've ever seen. The reason Mark Ingram makes it onto my list is because of how good the Ravens are. Baltimore is going to be up in the majority of all their games in 2020, so they're going to want to run the clock out. Mark Ingram is going to get carries, but he shouldn't be higher than your number three running back for your fantasy teams.

Stat Prediction: 1,000 rush yards 10 rushing touchdowns 150 receiving yards 2 receiving touchdowns

13. Aaron Jones RB Packers

I absolutely love Aaron Jones, I actually loved him coming out of UTEP. I just don't love him as a fantasy RB in 2020. I have no faith in the Packers this year and they just drafted AJ Dillon in the second round. He's going to take away a high percentage of Jones' goal line carries. Jamaal Williams is also a really solid RB2. I see Matt Lafleur leaning on Aaron Rodgers' arm a lot more in 2020 and they will be behind in more games in 2020. Aaron Jones is an awesome RB and he should still have over 1000 rushing yards in 2020, but he shouldn't more than your RB2 for your fantasy squad.


Stat Prediction: 900 rush yards 7 rushing touchdowns 300 receiving yards 2 receiving touchdowns 

12. Kenyan Drake RB Cardinals

Kenyan Drake had a very special season last year and won some guys their fantasy leagues in 2020, but I see the Cardinals offense being more pass first in 2020. Kenyan Drake surprised everyone last year and he was tearing up the league once he got to Arizona. Kyler Murray is going to take over the league in 2020, so I see him being used more in the passing game. I'm not drafting him until the third round, but Kenyan Drake should be a good fantasy option in 2020. 

Stat Prediction: 900 rush yards 6 rushing touchdowns 500 receiving yards 3 receiving touchdowns

11. Joe Mixon RB Bengals

Joe Mixon is a really good running back and he's worth at least a late first rounder or early second round pick. The Bengals are going to be a fun team to watch in 2020 and I expect Mixon to be that bell cow back. That being said he's on a team that's probably going to be behind in most games so I expect the Bengals to throw the ball a lot in 2020. Joe Burrow is a lot better than Andy Dalton and with Jonah Williams healthy this offensive line should be better. Joe Mixon is an awesome running back and just because he's not in the top 10, doesn't mean he's not worth a first round pick. Mixon is elusive and I think he could have a 1,200 yard season. Joe Mixon is a solid RB1 for your fantasy lineups.

Stat Prediction: 1,150 rush yards 10 rushing touchdowns 400 receiving yards 2 receiving touchdowns

10. Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB Chiefs

I'm really excited about Clyde the glide for multiple reasons. First off, he's going to be "THE GUY" in Kansas City from day one. With Damien Williams sitting out in 2020, there isn't a lot of competition of CEH. The Chiefs are a team that should be ahead in a high percentage of their games so they'll be wanting to run the clock out. I see Clyde Edwards-Helaire taking a Kareem Hunt role for the Chiefs offense. Clyde is so elusive and is going to be a huge X-Factor for the Kansas City. I would take him as early as the second round and he'll be a low-end RB1 in the beginning of the season and will end the season as a high-end RB1.

Stat Prediction: 1,000 rush yards 6 rushing touchdowns 750 receiving yards 8 receiving touchdowns

9. Miles Sanders RB Eagles

I love Miles Sanders. He might be my favorite running back in the entire NFL. He's so elusive and he should be taking a huge step up in 2020. He got better as the season went on in 2019 and he should be an absolute star this year. The Eagles don't have a whole lot of pieces on offense and Deuce Staley has talked about making him their bell cow guy. Sanders is an amazing receiver out of the back field and his chemistry with Carson Wentz is on point. Sanders is a solid RB1 in fantasy and a high end RB2. I'd look to draft him late in the first round or early in the second. 

Stat Prediction: 1,100 rush yards 8 rushing touchdowns 690 receiving yards 7 receiving touchdowns

Miles Sanders.jpg
8. Nick Chubb RB Browns

Nick Chubb is the most consistent running back in the NFL and if I know I need 10 points in a game, there's no one I'd rather have than Chubb. Chubb is also in a way better offense than he was in 2019 and Stefanski should give Chubb a lot more opportunities to run in space. The Browns offense will be a lot smarter and utilize different personnel groups which should benefit Chubb a lot in 2020. I don't see him getting as many carries as he had in 2019. Kareem Hunt is a top 20 running back in the NFL and the Browns passing offense will be a lot better. I think Odell and Jarvis are each going to have big years and Baker Mayfield will take a big leap in year three. Chubb is a good RB1 to have, but don't expect as many carries as he had in his second season.

Stat Prediction: 1,400 rush yards 9 rushing touchdowns 200 receiving yards 1 receiving touchdown

7. Josh Jacobs RB Raiders

Josh Jacobs is dope. He's heavily underrated and should be even better than he was in year 1. He understands how to step up his blocks better and will be a bigger factor in the receiving game. Last season he was really banged up and now he's finally healthy. I just see him being an absolute star this season and the Raiders should be a lot better. Ruggs is going to keep teams from stacking the box against Las Vegas and Jacobs should be looked at as a RB1 for your fantasy teams. He's worth a late first round pick.


Stat Prediction: 1,220 rush yards 11 rushing touchdowns 500 receiving yards 4 receiving touchdowns

6. Alvin Kamara RB Saints

Kamara was a little bit lower on my list until I found out that last season he was playing on a torn MCL. That is RIDICULOUS. Kamara is so slippery and we know the Saints are going to have a good team in 2020. They should be a head in a lot of matchups which will result to them running the clock out. Kamara doesn't have a lot of competition when it comes to guys stealing his carries. The only one who I see as a legit threat is Taysom Hill. I'm expecting a big comeback season from Kamara in 2020 and he should be a top 7 pick in all of your fantasy drafts.

Stat Prediction: 1,100 rush yards 11 rushing touchdowns 750 receiving yards 6 receiving touchdowns

Alvin Kamara
5. Derrick Henry RB Titans

Derrick Henry was a beast last season. An absolute tank. I don't see the Titans being as run heavy as they were in 2019. With the emergence of AJ Brown and Ryan Tannehill, they're going to throw the ball a lot more. I also really like Darrynton Evans as a third down back in that offense. That being said, Derrick Henry will still be a top 5 running back. The dude is an absolute beast. He'll really step up after week 10 and help you win your fantasy leagues. Derrick Henry is going to be a monster once again this season. 

Stat Prediction: 1,200 rush yards 14 rushing touchdowns 400 receiving yards 4 receiving touchdowns

4. Dalvin Cook RB Vikings

Dalvin Cook has really, really grown on me this offseason. Just imagine what he'd do in Kyle Shanahan's offense. He's basically getting a simpler version of that offense with Gary Kubiak at OC. This Vikings offensive line is a lot better and has depth. They still only have about two real receiver targets so they should be running ball a lot. Cook is so explosive and while I see Alexander Mattison taking some of his carries, Cook should still be a beast. I think Cook's going to be even better than he was in 2019.

Stat Prediction: 1,350 rush yards 11 rushing touchdowns 550 receiving yards 3 receiving touchdowns

3. Ezekiel Elliott RB Cowboys

ZEEEKKEEEE... Ezekiel Elliott is a beast and is going to have a ton of production. He's a super reliable option and every season he has at least one game with three or four touchdowns. If I want a guy who I know for a fact will end the season as a top 5 running back, I'm picking Zeke. The Cowboys should have a top 5 offense in the NFL and Zeke should have a career season. 

Stat Prediction: 1,200 rush yards 9 rushing touchdowns 350 receiving yards 4 receiving touchdowns

2. Saquon Barkley RB Giants

Ezekiel Elliott has the second highest running back grade I've ever given to an RB coming out of the draft... you know who has the highest? Saquon Barkley. After drafting Andrew Thomas, the Giants offensive line should be the best it's been in year and I'm actually pretty excited about this offense. The game should have slowed down for Daniel Jones by now and the Giants now run an offense that should produce a lot of yards. The offense won't be too difficult to pick up and should favor Saquon a lot. I'm not ever worried about Saquon once he has the ball, it's about getting him the ball. Jason Garrett is good at getting his star players the ball so Saquon should have another awesome year in 2020.

Stat Prediction: 1,250 rush yards 14 rushing touchdowns 600 receiving yards 5 receiving touchdowns

Saquon Barkley Giants.jpg
1. Christian McCaffrey RB Panthers

Christian McCaffrey is the best running back in the NFL, and I don't think it's very close. McCaffrey has the perfect quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, to compliment his skill set. McCaffrey is the face of the franchise and he's going to be the focal point in Joe Brady's offense. Christian McCaffrey should be the unanimous number one overall pick for all fantasy leagues.

Stat Prediction: 1,200 rush yards 12 rushing touchdowns 900 receiving yards 7 receiving touchdowns

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