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Predicting the Top 10 Rookies in Fantasy Football

10) Christian Kirk WR Cardinals

Christian Kirk is in a great position to succeed for the Cardinals. He gets to learn from one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history and will have a franchise quarterback his entire career. With Larry Fitzgerald, Kirk will learn how to not only be a great slot receiver but a great overall receiver. Fitzgerald has played every wide receiver position, and he can teach Kirk how to be successful in Arizona. Kirk also has a quarterback who will get the ball in his hands with Sam Bradford. Josh Rosen will be his quarterback for his whole career and I have no doubt they will have a special connection.

9) Sony Michel RB Patriots

Sony Michel will be used all over the place in New England, and I love it. He will be able to get the ball in the air and ground game. Bill Belichick will have ideas for Michel that no one can even imagine. I don't expect Michel to have too much production his rookie year just because he is on the Patriots but I think he will be a workhorse back sooner than later.

8) Mark Walton RB Bengals

Mark Walton is in a tough place with the Bengals but I love his skill. I don't expect him to ever become a workhorse in Cincinnati because they still have Joe Mixon who is going into his second year. I expect Walton and Mixon to become a tandem similar to what the Saints and Falcons have. The Bengals are not in a good situation with Marvin Lewis as head coach and Andy Dalton at quarterback, but they definitely have pieces. Walton will be very good when he has the ball in his hands.

7) Anthony Miller WR Bears

By the end of the season Anthony Miller will be a reason why the Bears surprised a lot of people. I think Miller will have around 700 yards but be a player Trubisky is comfortable throwing to. I expect some fans to fall in love with Millers personality and be a fan favorite in Chicago. I am very comfortable with Miller and I think he is going to be an animal in the Windy City.

6) Baker Mayfield QB Browns

Baker Mayfield is the only quarterback on this list because I think he is the only quarterback who will be thrown in early and do successful. Mayfield has a ton of talent around him and is in a great position. I think he will have a reliable run game and have receivers who make plays. I expect Mayfield to give Jarvis Landry a ton of targets and have an offense that suits him perfectly. Mayfield should do well in his rookie season.  

5) Royce Freeman RB Broncos

Royce Freeman doesn't have too much competition in Denver. He gets to share snaps with Devontae Booker, but be Case Keenum's workhorse. I think he will be used similar to how he was used in Oregon and get plenty of production. Royce Freeman will also provide a solid target for Case and get some catches out of the backfield.

4) DJ Moore WR Panthers

Moore was one of my favorite receivers entering the draft process and landed in a perfect place. Riverboat Ron will use him in the short, intermediate, and long game. I think Moore's physicality will allow him to compete with Devin Funchess and they can be a nice wide receiver group. DJ Moore will be a great redzone target for Cam and I expect him to lead all rookies in receiving touchdowns.

3) Derrius Guice RB Redskins

Derrius Guice will have a boulder sized chip on his shoulder this upcoming season. He was slept on throughout the draft process and will be used similar to Kareem Hunt in his rookie season. I like the Redskins run game because Guice should be able to pound it and Chris Thompson will be used a ton on third down and in the pass game. Guice will give the Redskins energy and a really good run game.

2) Ronald Jones RB Buccaneers

RoJo is straight up electric and should provide a ton of talent to the Buccaneers offense. I think he will be used a lot in the pass game and should take the load in the run game. I expect him to be this years Alvin Kamara. He is a slippery runner and very good on the outside. Jones will be used in dynamic ways and I expect Jones to get a lot of attention next year. Jones will be very good this season in Tampa Bay.

1) Saquon Barkley RB Giants

Saquon Barkley is truly one of a kind, and I expect him to show that this year. I think Barkley will get an excessive amount of production and will even be used a little bit on special teams. Barkley will be the highest scoring fantasy player out of all the rookies and will get a great amount of yards and touchdowns. I think he will be a fantasy beast and a first round pick!

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