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Terrace Marshall Jr. Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Terrace Marshall Jr. might just be the biggest receiver project in the 2021 NFL Draft. He’s a long and strong player who went to war with Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson in 2019 at LSU, but was the lone soldier out wide for LSU in 2020. Marshall is ginormous, standing at 6’3 201 lbs. He was used as a slot receiver at LSU, however I think he will be converted to a pure X receiver in the NFL that lives on the outside. Marshall is one of the most physically dominant receivers in this years draft.


When it comes to physicality, there’s no better receiver in this year’s draft than Ja’Marr Chase. However, Chase’s LSU counterpart Terrace Marshall is right behind him. Pure strength is apparent when watching Marshall play. At the top of his routes, he gets into the DB’s face and uses his hands to gain separation. Catch radius is another plus for Terrace Marshall. His arms are so long which will make him a reliable receiver for whatever team drafts him. His long arms make him a really good red zone and deep threat. In the red zone look, look for him to be utilized in the back of the end zone where he can get full extension out of his arms. He also has really long legs which converts into long speed. One of the more underrated parts of his game is what he does after the catch. He is explosive with the ball in his hands and is a high ceiling low floor type of player with major boom or bust potential.


My biggest issue with Marshall is his lack of separation. He gains separation through his physicality, but what happens when he meets a DB that is just as aggressive as him? He isn’t going to run away from anybody and I don’t know if he can separate. He lacks awareness of where he is on the field and it will take some time for him to convert into an outside receiver after living in the slot at LSU. His numbers were very inconsistent in 2020, but I attribute that to the issues at quarterback for LSU. He is a good route runner, but it’s not anything special. While he could be the next Kenny Golladay (which was my ceiling comparison for him), he could also be the next Hakeem Butler. Marshall is one of the riskiest players in this draft and his success really depends where he ends up.


From everything that I am hearing, Marshall will be a mid-day two guy that will either be drafted in the end of the second round or start of the third. He will be a deep threat in the NFL that makes a lot of highlight grabs, but could have problems getting open. As I mentioned earlier, he can either be the next Kenny Golladay or struggle to find his footing in the NFL. He will need to go to a team where he has receivers that he can learn from like the Cardinals. In my opinion, Marshall is one of the more overrated players in the draft and will be a number three receiver in the NFL.

Terrace Marshall Jr.
Terrace Marshall Jr.
Film Study

Seperation 6/10

Route Running 7/10

Yards After Catch 7.5/10

Speed 6.25/8

Contested Grabs 6.25/8

Releases/ Top of Route 5.25/8

Catch Radius 7.25/8

Versatility 3.5/5

Overall: 49/67

Final Rating: 73

Pro Comparison: Kenny Golladay

Team Fits: Jaguars, Cardinals, Texans

Draft Ranking: Late Third Round Pick

Draft Projection: Late Second Round Pick

Terrace Marshall Jr.
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