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Superbowl LIII Recap


Julian Edelman

This is where we talk about legacy. The conversation of who will be known as "Tom Brady's go to guy" happens frequently. People say Wes Welker, Troy Brown, Rob Gronkowski, even Randy Moss... but there are no more questions, it's Julian Edelman. If we look back at where Edelman came from, he was a quarterback in high school and didn't have a single offer. Then he played quarterback in college and got drafted in the 7th round. He even played some DB early on in his career. He is now a three time super bowl champion and super bowl MVP! Edelman has inspired every young struggling football player. He has over come the odds and has cemented his legacy in NFL history. Every hall of famer has their hall of fame moment, and this was Julian's hall of fame moment. Julian Edelman is a hall of famer and is what dreams are made of. Edelman is no doubt a winner from this game.

Defensive Coordinators

Going into this offseason everyone was looking for the new young offensive coach. Coordinators like Wink Martindale who led the number defense didn't even get an interview. Instead Zac Taylor, a quarterbacks coach who has never called plays, got a job. No disrespect towards Taylor, but he was completely shut down last night. For Brian Flores, he had his break through coordinator game. He held the highest scoring team to just three points. He had a perfect game plan to stop the young offensive genius. While everyone was going for the young offensive mind this year, I think next year we will be seeing coordinators who can stop the young offensive mind get hired. Vic Fangio and Brian Flores could be the future of head coaches. I think this game will speak volumes and provide hope for defensive coordinators around the league. You know what they say, offense wins games, but defense wins championships.

Sony Michel 

If we look back to about a year ago, Sony Michel had lost the national championship game in a heart breaker to Tua Tagovailoa. The Georgia Bulldogs were owning the Roll Tide, but as soon as Tua came in the game, the whole vibe changed. Michel was in Atlanta with the wrong colored confetti raining down on him. If we look back at this game, Michel was right back where his college career ended. He had the only touchdown in this game and had one hell of a rookie season. Michel was completely dominant throughout the playoffs and is the future of the Patriots. As Tom Brady finishes out his career, he will have a three down back to lean on for the rest of his career. Michel is no doubt a winner and I think will become the Patriots three-down back of the future.


Jared Goff

On the biggest stage of the game, he crapped his pants. There is no other way to put it. The Patriots out schemed the Rams and it left Jared Goff flustered. Goff missed Cooks wide open in the middle of the field. After having an amazing regular season, a phenomenal NFC Championship, and just a great year... he couldn't close out the game. Goff will be questioned throughout the entire offseason, and hopefully this will motivate him. This was not his greatest game, but he has a long career left ahead of him. If Goff keeps his confidence, he will be able to recover. Goff is a big loser from this game. 

Andrew Whitworth

Andrew Whitworth is one of the best offensive lineman to ever play. But this might be his only chance to win a super bowl in his career. This could be the last game of his career, and it didn't end the way he drew it up. Andrew Whitworth is a great player, but this is a hard way to potentially end your career. 

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