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Saquon Barkley RB Penn State

The Rating System

Speed: 5/5

Vision: 5/5

Receiver Threat 4.5/5

Yards After Contact 5/5

Elusiveness 5/5

Between The Tackles 4.5/5

Blocking 3.5/5

Ability to get outside 5/5

Hold on to the Ball 4.75/5

Truck 5/5

Gut Feeling 5/5

Overall: 4.75 Future All-Pro

Over View

Penn State Running Back Saquon Barkley is the most talented Running Back I have ever seen coming out of college. Previously my highest rated Running Back Coming out of college was Ezekiel Elliot but Barkley has just too much athleticism, speed, and elusiveness to be rated under Elliott. Saquon shows balance that I’ve never seen from any player pro’s or college if it’s coming off a juke or hurdle he is freakish. He is a great runner between the tackles and he is great at gaining yards after contact. He’s best when running on the outside and is one of the fastest players Running backs in college. I see him running about a 4.3 40. He is a solid blocker and has hands like a receiver, he doesn’t have many weaknesses but a mistake he tends to make is he doesn’t always see the ball in and takes off before he catches it.  He also sometimes ends up running backwards while trying to make a defender miss. His talent is like something I’ve never seen. I think he’ll be a top 10 pick and if I was an NFL GM he’d be my #1 prospect. He can honestly fit with any system but I think he’d fit best with Kyle Shanahan and that new and improved 49ers offense. Shanahan is one of the most creative NFL  play callers and imagine what he can do with Barkley. He’d also do well in Tampa Bay where he would be Jameis Winston’s go-to or in Indy where Frank Gore can mentor him and bring some hype to indy. Overall Saquon Barkley is going to be a phenomonal NFL Player and I think he will do great with any team. 

Comparison: David Johnson

It was hard for me to find a comparison for Saquon Barkley just because of how rare his talent is but I think David Johnson is fair. DJ has extreme balance and is the most versatile back in the NFL. They are both outstanding receivers and can play many different positions. These will be two of the best backs in the NFL next year and I can see both of them going 1,000:1,000 yards rushing and receiving some time in their careers. In fantasy football they should both be 1st round picks and I think Saquon will have a legendary rookie year.

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