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Mohamed Sanu and Emmanuel Sanders Get Traded

After two undefeated starts, the two best teams in the NFL both got even better. Within hours, the New England Patriots acquired Mohamed Sanu and the San Francisco 49ers got Emmanuel Sanders. Both receivers are in their thirties and are coming from struggling teams. In return for Sanu, the Falcons received the Patriots second round pick and the Broncos got a third and a fourth round pick for Sanders and a fifth rounder. I think all teams benefit between both of these trades. Both the Falcons and the Broncos are looking to rebuild while the Patriots and the 49ers are going on a super bowl run. The receiver room was already filled with depth in Atlanta. I'm excited to watch Calvin Ridley get a bigger role in Atlanta. Ridley is capable of being the best number two receiver in the NFL and I think he's going to be able take on this significant role. This is an opportunity for Ridley and I think this actually helps the Falcons. For the Broncos, it's time for a full on rebuild. Drew Lock is their guy and Courtland Sutton is going to be their number one receiver going forward. If you watch these games, Sutton has been the guy. It hasn't been Sanders making the plays, it's Sutton. If I'm a Broncos fan, I'm a little sad about getting rid of Sanders, but optimistic because of the amount of draft picks they're going to have in the upcoming draft. I just think that John Elway is a god awful general manager, so I wouldn't get my hopes too high. Now let's talk about the teams who got the receivers. The Patriots are a team that you can't stop. This addition is frightening. Sanu played quarterback and might be the best non-quarterback passer in the NFL. The amount of trick plays that Belichick can be formulating right now is ridiculous. Sanu is so versatile, he is the ideal Patriot. The Falcons screwed over every team in the NFL who's trying to make a super bowl run. If I'm a NFL GM who think they have any chance to win this year, I'm not making a trade with Bill Belichick. It's like doing a deal with the devil and you know he's going to benefit. For the 49ers I thought they gave up a little too much, but I'm not tripping about it too hard. San Francisco needed more of a veteran presence in their receiver room, but the thing is Sanders is more than just a veteran. This man is still a baller and is making plays. He nearly won the game on his own versus the Bears and always steps up when a play is being needed to be made. Sanders is an experienced player that brings energy to every locker room he's in. Sanders provides a spark for a team that can't get comfortable right now. Sanders knows what it's like to win a super bowl and he will supply knowledge to a young locker room. Tuesday brought trades that benefits every team and I am excited to see which teams win each trade.

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