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Record Predictions Before the Draft

AFC East

1. Bills 11-5

2. Jets 6-10

3. Dolphins 5-11

4. Patriots 5-11

The Bills are the clear favorites to win the AFC East. The addition of Stefon Diggs will be huge in the development of Josh Allen and I think Allen's deep ball will finally start to click. Allen has always had the arm, but he's been missing the touch. He has never had that true connection with a number one wideout. The one thing I'm worried about is him not having the offseason to develop chemistry. Chemistry is one of the most underrated things in sports, and without the offseason it's going to take a while to develop.

 The Jets still have a long way to go. I am not a big fan of Sam Darnold or Adam Gase. When you don't have a great quarterback or a great head coach, it's really hard to win games. The Jets two pieces that I love are Le'Veon Bell and Jamaal Adams. The one thing with Bell is that they need a better offensive line. Bell is such a patient runner and in order to be patient you have to have a good offensive line. The Jets weren't aggressive in free agency and don't have a number one receiver. The Jets still have a long way to go.

I think the Dolphins show promise this year. I love Brian Flores and Chris Grier, but they still have a lot of holes to fill. Their offensive line is atrocious, their number one running back is Kalen Ballage, and we don't know who will be under center this year. I love Tua, but I don't think he fits this offense. The Dolphins will take some baby steps this year, but they'll look better than they did last season.

For New England, it's tank for Trevor. Bill Belichick is too talented to have a two win year, but they'll still pick in the top ten next year. The Patriots are going to be stuck in the after math of Tom Brady this season. The Patriots will have a hangover year. They need to rebuild the offensive line, add some weapons, add defensive depth, and then find their franchise quarterback.

AFC North

1. Ravens 12-4

2. Steelers 10-6

3. Browns 9-7

4. Bengals 6-10

With a second full offseason, Lamar is only going to get better. Lamar will develop even more as a passer and with the acquisition of Calais Campbell, this team is becoming more experienced. I think the Ravens will need to find their starting middle linebacker in the draft as well as a bigger receiver on day two. The receiver class is so deep this year, the Ravens will benefit from a day two or day three pick.

The Steelers were actually a pretty solid team this year considering they had Mason Rudolph playing quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger is an obvious improvement over what they had last year, but I still want to see them get an athletic passer in the draft. Minkah Fitzpatrick is one of my favorite safeties in the NFL and the Steelers still have Mike Tomlin. This team has a top defense and will be in the playoffs this year.

The Browns still have one of the most talented team in the NFL and they are finally learning about analytics. I don't love Kevin Stefanski as a head coach, but he's certainly an improvement over Freddie Kitchens. The Browns will start to use heavier personnel groups and run more two tight end sets. I love the addition of Austin Hooper and I think this team will compete for a wildcard a spot this year.

I love Joe Burrow and I love the Bengals receiving core, but they still have a lot of issues. They need help on the offensive line, their defense is missing a lot of pieces, and we need to see how Zac Taylor adjusts his offense to fit what Burrow likes to do. I don't think Burrow is this perfect fit in Zac Taylor's offense, but the best coaches adjust their offenses to their players. Hopefully Taylor can run a similar system to what the Tigers did last year. 

AFC South

1. Titans 11-5

2. Texans 7-9

3. Colts 6-10

4. Jaguars 4-12

The Titans are clearly the best team in the AFC South. Derrick Henry is a freight train and the Titan's offensive line is one of the best in the league (shoutout to the boy Taylor Lewan). Ryan Tannehill has a full offseason (kind of) as a starter and this defense is on the up and up. I love Jayon Brown and Jeffery Simmons is finally healthy. They also signed Vic Beasley this year which will be a boom or bust player. This team still needs a right tackle and more corners, but that can be addressed in the draft this year.

The Texans was hard for me because of how much I love Deshaun Watson and how much I hate Bill O'Brien. Watson is amazing and is a top 5 quarterback in the NFL, yet wet don't know who's around him. I like Brandin Cooks, but he's no DeAndre Hopkins. I have some faith in David Johnson, but he's not what he used to be. The Texans are getting Tytus Howard back which should be interesting, but the Texans need to switch it up at head coach and general manager.

 I love Phillip Rivers' fire, but he isn't as sharp as he used to be. I honestly think he's a downgrade of Jacoby Brissett. I think this team is stuck between the rebuild mode and win now mode. The Colts foundation is great and I love both Frank Reich and Chris Ballard. The Colts should go after Jalen Hurts and get a number two receiver. Darius Leonard and Kenny Moore are great, but they still need a big time edge rusher. The Colts are two years away from being a playoff caliber team.

The Jaguars management is all messed up. They should've gotten a new head coach this year, and they overvalue draft picks. I think Gardner Minshew has a little bit of magic in him, but I don't think he's a franchise quarterback. They've traded nearly their whole team away, but if I were to pick two players that I love on this team it would be Myles Jack and DJ Chark.

AFC West

1. Chiefs 12-4

2. Broncos 10-6

3. Chargers 10-6

4. Raiders 8-8

This division is actually really good. The Chiefs are going to be great as long as Patrick Mahomes is their quarterback. Tyreek Hill is a top 5 receiver in the NFL and Travis Kelce is a top 2 player at his position. I want to see them add a true number one running back and some pieces in the secondary. Kansas City is going to be great this year and will compete for another super bowl.

The Broncos are my sleeper team this year. I'm excited to see Drew lock can do this year and I think Courtland Sutton takes the leap as an elite receiver. I want to see them add a number two receiver in the draft and get a true middle linebacker. I think the Broncos will make it at least into the second round of the playoffs this year.

I see the Chargers competing for the playoffs if they have Tyrod Taylor or Tua Tagovailoa under center this year. The Chargers are actually a really good team and I think they are playoff bound this year. Stepping away from Phillip Rivers was the right move and this team is going to have a really good year.

I love the Raiders defense this year and I love Josh Jacobs. I think Maxx Crosby is a star and Johnathan Abram is going to have instant success. Abram was my favorite player in the draft last year and if he can stay healthy I think he'll be a day one pro bowl safety. Josh Jacobs is awesome and Derek Carr is still a good quarterback. They have one of the worst receiving cores in the NFL and they need help at defensive tackle and corner back. This team is a good team, but they're in an amazing division.

NFC East

1. Cowboys 11-5

2. Eagles 10-6

3. Redskins 5-11

4. Giants 4-12

The Cowboys and Eagles have been in this back and forth battle since Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott were drafted. The Eagles have more holes than the Cowboys do, but Dallas needs to get Dak Prescott's contract done. The Cowboys are going to have a bounce back year, but have holes as well. They need a true number one corner, an edge rusher on the other side of Demarcus Lawerence, and a number three receiver to replace Randall Cobb. I think the Cowboys will be nice this year, but Travis Frederick is going to leave a bigger hole than people are saying. I don't love the Mike McCarthy hire, but he's been hyping up this "new" way of coaching. I hope he finally understands what analytics are.

The Eagles are the perfect 10-6 team. Philadelphia has that underdog mentality and they are going to will themselves into the playoffs. Justin Jefferson is my favorite player in the draft, and it sounds like the Eagles are going after him. Carson Wentz is going to be more comfortable this year after having his first fully healthy year (until the playoffs). The Eagles need to add speed to their roster. Their DB room is awful and they have to add multiple receivers in the draft. I think Miles Sanders is going to have an amazing sophomore season and I believe this Eagles team is going to be in the playoffs.

The Redskins are going to have an amazing front seven this year and Ron Rivera is a good head coach. Dwayne Haskins needs to be a lot better this year and the Redskins need to trade Trent Williams. They also need to get another good receiver. The Redskins still have some work to do before they get into the playoff discussion. Outside of Saquon Barkley, I don't have much hope for the Giants. I'm not sure what we are getting out of Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman is always the biggest wildcard of the draft. They need to protect Daniel Jones, give him some weapons, and get an alpha on the defense. The Giants need to get rid of Dave Gettleman in order to be successful.

NFC North

1. Packers 10-6

2. Vikings 7-9

3. Lions 6-10

4. Bears 6-10

This is the year the NFC North falls off. The Packers are still going to be solid if they can find a way to stop the run. Aaron Rodgers is in the back 9 of his career and Aaron Jones is the truth. Davante Adams is a top 5 receiver in the NFL and their pass defense is really solid. They lost Bryan Bulaga and the 49ers exposed them in the NFC championship game. I don't see this team being as good as they were last year, but they'll be solid.

The Vikings are the team that I think will fall off. Their receiving chart is insanely thin and they lost all their corners in free agency. On the bright side, Dalvin Cook and Danielle Hunter are still there. I think the Vikings should package some of their picks and trade up for either CJ Henderson or one of the top receivers in the draft. The Vikings need to be aggressive in the coming draft.

Matthew Stafford is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL and he is going to have a solid comeback year. I think their overall offense is pretty good, but they need to get that franchise defensive player. Jamie Collins was a good acquisition, but this team needs to find their identity. This team needs to add star power.

The Bears window gets thinner and thinner every day. Honestly, they need a reset at the quarterback position. Out of Trubisky and Foles, I think Foles gives them a better chance to win games. I hope Matt Nagy starts to feed David Montgomery more. Their defense is really good, but I don't know if their offense can put up points. Matt Nagy desperately needs to have a creative comeback and get his shit together.
NFC South

1. Saints 12-4

2. Panthers 10-6

3. Buccaneers 9-7

4. Falcons 4-12

This has to be the year for the Saints. Drew Brees isn't getting any younger and they finally have their true number two receiver. Michael Thomas is the best receiver in the NFL and the Saints defense is great. The Saints now have an alpha on all three levels of their defense, Cameron Jordan, Demario Davis, and Malcolm Jenkins. I also think Marcus Williams is going to have a breakout year. This needs to be the year for New Orleans.

I have loved every thing the Panthers have done this offseason outside of trading Trai Turner. I have an idea of who the Panthers are going to target in the draft and with the addition of Teddy Bridgewater, I think this is a playoff team. Curtis Samuel will finally have his breakout year and DJ Moore is still going to be great. Robby Anderson will be a deep threat and they still have the best running back in the NFL. I want to see the Panthers address the linebacker position and get offensive line depth.  This is a sleeper playoff team.

I am not as high on the Buccaneers as national media is. I think they're going to be affected by the Coronavirus because Tom Brady doesn't have time to build chemistry with his new teammates. I don't think Brady is the perfect fit in the Bruce Arians system and the Bucs need serious help in their secondary. The Bucs are too good of a team to have a losing record, but I don't think they'll be that team that clicks instantly.

After this year, it will be time for the Falcons to move on from Matt Ryan. I love the Falcons receiving core, but their offense just isn't great. We don't know what to expect out of Todd Gurley and their offensive line is still super young. Their defense hasn't been able to stay healthy and they don't have any star caliber corners. They also need a better pass rush. This team isn't ready to compete just yet.

NFC West

1. 49ers 12-4

2. Seahawks 10-6

3. Cardinals 7-9

4. Rams 5-11

The 49ers are a more experienced team than they were last year and they are going to add a star receiver with the 13th pick. While the Deforest Buckner loss is going to hurt, it opened up cap space for them and they can be better in the future. Deebo Samuel's role is going to expand and we finally get to see what Jalen Hurd is capable of. Jimmy Garoppolo has a full season under his belt and Kendrick Bourne has worked harder than any player this offseason. Not to mention that George Kittle guy is pretty good. I expect the 49ers to have a few trades in the draft and get some more corner stone players.

I wish the Seahawks were more aggressive this offseason, but as long as they have number three at quarterback, they will be a playoff team. I'm excited to see DK Metcalf's role get bigger and Tyler Locket healthy. The Seahawks still need to add a pass rusher and a corner on the other side of Shaquil Griffin. The Seahawks have good culture and that plays a huge role into success.

Kyler Murray is going to have a huge sophomore splash. With the addition of Deandre Hopkins, I think Murray will emerge as a top ten quarterback in the NFL. The Cardinals MUST add offensive lineman in the draft and need to get more pass rushers opposite of Chandler Jones. This team isn't playoff ready because they need to add pieces to their defense an offensive line.

This year the Rams are going to have to take a step back. Jared Goff needs to restructure his contract immediately. The Rams are stuck paying him a ton of money and don't have a lot of draft picks to fill their needs. On the other hand, I think Cooper Kupp is going to have his best season yet and Robert Woods is going to bounce back. The Rams need to add linebackers, an edge rusher, and a running back. They'll have a top ten pick in next years draft.

Playoff Seeding


1. Ravens

2. Chiefs

3. Bills

4. Titans

5. Broncos

6. Steelers

7. Chargers


1. 49ers

2. Saints

3. Cowboys

4. Packers

5. Seahawks

6. Panthers

7. Eagles

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