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Rashaad Penny RB San Diego State

The Rating System

Speed: 3.75/5

Vision: 4/5

Receiver Threat: 3.25/5

Yards After Contact: 4/5

Elusiveness: 3.75/5

Between The Tackles: 5/5


Ability to get outside: 3.5/5

Truck: 3.85/5

Gut Feeling and extra like (balance and patience): 3.85/5

Overall: 3.68 (Above Average Starter)


Rashaad Penny was a complete workhorse for San Diego State. He was an amazing in between the tackles runner and finished the season with 5 straight 200 yard games! He is a pounder with really solid speed. He is also slippery behind the line of scrimmage and is really tough to arm tackle. He has decent hands but will need to improve as a route runner and he tends to give up on a play as a receiver. He also isn’t meant to be a blocker despite his really solid size. A good tendency he has is that he falls forward and also will break out at least one really long run per game. He is my highest rated in between the tackles runner and was just a beast in college. I think he should be drafted in the second round but I think he’ll be drafted in the third. He’d fit nicely in Washington with Alex Smith at quarterback. He’d also mesh well with the Raiders where he can learn from Marshawn Lynch and be the bell cow. He needs to end up in a system that runs mostly under center. I really enjoyed watching Penny and I think he will be a very successful running back in the NFL.

Comparison: Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram is a versatile back in New Orleans and had a ton of production at Alabama. Both Ingram and Penny are capable of handling the load and are dual threats. I believe they have similar speed and are two greats between the tackle runners. Ingram is a more advanced blocker than Penny but besides that they are really similar and check off all the boxes. Penny will be a grinder for what ever team he ends up with and will be a similar beast to Ingram.

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