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Position-By-Position Breakdown Rams vs Saints


The rookie vs the veteran, the proven vs the unproven, the one going for what could be his last vs the one going for his first... this is Drew Brees versus Jared Goff. This is no doubt Drew Brees' best season of his career and this is probably his best chance at winning his second super bowl. Brees just turned 40 and you know he is hyped for this game, Brees is probably the most intense player in the league and he is going to leave it all on the line, so that's why he has the advantage. He completes over 70% of his passes and doesn't make any bone headed decisions. His decision making is what sets him apart, his eyes opens his receivers up and thats what allows him to find the open target. Jared Goff isn't too shabby either, this will be his first ever championship game and throws a phenomenal deep ball. Goff is in a great scheme and will no doubt take a couple shots. I have a feeling the defense will be playing the run game so Goff will have the opportunity, let's see if he'll take advantage of them. Brees has the veteran advantage and I think he'll be very consistent throughout this game.

Running Backs

These two teams have the best running games in the NFL and each have two guys who can be 4 down backs. Let's start with the starters, Alvin Kamara and Todd Gurley. Gurley is the best running back in the NFL and I think Alvin Kamara is the "slipperiest" running back in the NFL. Gurley and Kamara each have insane athleticism, they each can run past you, through you, and over you. Gurley is the finisher, he had over 20 total touchdowns and has the clutch gene built in him. Just when you think you have the Rams bottled up, you just see Gurley run right past everyone. Todd Gurley is the best running back in the NFL and he'll be eating with two spoons today. Kamara is also one of the best backs, he is a bigger threat in the receiving game and is a legitimate receiver in the passing game. Now let's go to their "backups". In my opinion the best running back in the NFL the past 3 weeks has been CJ Anderson. He is just so good and I have no idea why he wasn't a starter on any other. You can call him big, you can call him a bowling ball, but you can't deny calling him being the BEST. He has had over 100 yards in each of the past three games and has made the Rams an even scarier football team. Mark Ingram is an other player who can be an other starter on about 20 other teams. Ingram brings juice to the Saints and is the type of guy who can revamp a team if they're down 20. Ingram is so good and hasn't had a break out game in a while, so today could be his day. I am giving the Rams the advantage because of how hot their back's have been the past 3 games.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

Wow, this is a hard one... Each team has tremendous depth at the receiver position and neither one has a game changing tight end. At tight end, like I said neither team has super stars, but I'm giving the advantage to Gerald Everett and Tyler Higbee. I can see each making a catch or two, but I don't think the tight ends will make a big impact. Now let's talk about the receivers, or should I say the playmakers. The best receiver is Michael Thomas, no question. Michael Thomas showed last week that he is the best receiver left and will make a lot of plays today. I think the Rams are going to try take him out of the game today so we'll need to see some other players step up today. Look for Tre'Quan Smith and Ted Ginn make plays today. Each have been quietly, but I think they will show up on play-actions and well designed plays. Now let's head out to LA. The Rams don't have super stars, but they always have at least one guy who is open. Woods is their number one, Woods makes his money on in-breaking routes. Woods shows up on third downs and is great at stretching the ball down field. Brandin Cooks is playing a revenge game and he has turned from a burner to a route-runner. The Rams also have Josh Reynolds who can be a weapon late in the game. Watch out for these smaller name guys to make plays. I am going to say this is a tie, each team has playmakers and will be making plays when their team needs them.

Offensive Line

If you want to be a super bowl team, you need to have a great offensive line. If we look back at last year, the superbowl was decided by a missed block. At the beginning of the year; I probably would have picked the Saints with Max Unger, Ryan Ramczyk, and Terron Armstead, but now I'm going with the Rams. The Rams have remained healthy and have been opening up alleys for CJ Anderson and Todd Gurley to run through. They've been keep Jared Goff clean the past few weeks, but I expect the Saints to apply pressure. The one player I'm worried about on the offensive line is Andrus Peat who plays for the Saints. Last week he got worked by Fletcher Cox, but guess who he is playing against this week... Aaron Donald and Ndamokung Suh. If I'm the Saints I'm giving Peat help and sliding the protection or having Mark Ingram chip the defender. I am giving the Rams a big advantage here.

Defensive Line

Once again, two of the best groups in the NFL. I think we all know what team I'm going with, but let's start with the Saints. They have my friend Marcus Davenport coming off the edge and hasn't had a big game in a while. Davenport is one of the best young rushers in the NFL and I'm looking for him to show off today. They also have Cameron Jordan who always shows up at big moments. The Saints are going to be missing their runner stuffer and interior pass rusher Sheldon Rankins. They are going to need veteran defensive tackle David Onyemata to step up and he can't get stuffed up going backwards. But let's talk about the real show. The Rams have the best defensive line in the NFL and they have two of arguably the scariest players in the NFL. When I met Aaron Donald, he was one of the nicest players, we took photos he shouted out this website, and I even raced him... but he has some type of gear. As soon as the game starts he turns into a villain. Players have nightmares about him, he will dominate especially with a faulty Saints interior. Ndamokung Suh is coming off his best game as a Ram and he is getting hot at the right time. Last but not least there's Dante Fowler. He owns the edge and I think he will make a play from Drew's backside... This is a Rams advantage and could be the biggest difference maker of this game.


Neither teams have star linebackers, but each have players who can make plays. Sampson Ebukam caught national attention after his breakout game versus the Chiefs, look for him to disrupt Drew Brees' throwing lanes. They also have the pro bowler in Cory Littleton who is having a breakout season so look for him on blitzes. One other player who has had a great season is Alex Anzalone. He is known for his athleticism and him staying healthy has helped the Saints this entire season. They also have two veterans in Demario Davis and AJ Klein. These linebackers are sure tacklers and will need to help stop the powerful Rams game. I'm giving the Rams the advantage due to Cory Littleton.


This is where the game will be decided, it's important that Wade Phillips slides the safety over to help out Marcus Peters. Peters is feisty and is known for his ability to sniff the ball out. Peters can lose on double moves, but I think he'll have more help than he did last time against Michael Thomas. Aqib Talib is a veteran and I think he'll be able to do his thing against Tre'Quan Smith and Ted Ginn. For the Saints they have a star with Marshon Lattimore who had two interceptions in the NFC divisional round. He'll be going head to head against Robert Woods, expect him to feast today. I'm giving the Saints the advantage.



Rams 31 Saints 26

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