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Rachaad White Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Rachaad White is one of the most unique running backs in this year’s draft class. I go to Arizona State, and saw all of his home games; there was never a time when he wasn’t the best player on the field. In his final season in Tempe, White combined for 16 total touchdowns and nearly 1,500 scrimmage yards. While White’s film may not be as impressive as some of the other backs in this year’s draft, his impact certainly shouldn’t get overlooked. I had a difficult time finding a pro comparison for White, but he reminds me of a taller Jerick McKinnon. We saw McKinnon become the lead back in Kansas City by the end of last season, and I believe White can be a lead back for a team that runs the “Andy Reid offense”. Based off the fleeting value of highly-drafted running backs, I believe White will fall to the start of day three.


Rachaad White is hands down one of the most athletic players in this year’s draft. On top of having one of the highest verts in this year’s draft, White can seemingly do everything. While he is known for what he can do as a runner, he is also capable of running routes out of the backfield and has the tools to be elite in pass protection. White is way ahead of his class when it comes to patience in the backfield; he does a phenomenal job at setting up his blocks to maximize runs. He does a great job at following his blockers and finding holes. Earlier, I compared him to Jerick McKinnon partially because of what he can do as a receiver. In his final year at Arizona State, White caught 43 balls and was extremely effective on third downs. You can also tell that he likes blocking when watching his film. While he may not have blocking down to a tee, he has shown that he can help buy time for his quarterback. White showed that he is also very elusive and can cut on a dime. While White showed out in his final season with Arizona State, his stock raised even more at the Senior Bowl. He was one of the best players in Mobile, and I could see a team that runs a high-volume passing offense falling in love with him. The Chiefs, Eagles, and Cardinals are all teams that I could see going after the former Sun Devil.


The most glaring issue with Rachaad White’s game is his speed. I think his lack of burst and long speed will be a major concern for NFL coaches and cause him to fall in the draft. It is hard to run for long touchdowns when you can’t outrun defenders; that really is the one thing that is missing from his Rolodex. While White has shown to have pretty good contact balance, there were a few potential long runs here and there where a defensive back got him by his ankles. In pass protection, I love White’s passion for blocking, but there were a few plays where he was just late to spot the rusher. I believe White has the potential to be a starting running back in the NFL, he just needs to refine some parts of his game first.

Rachaad White
Rachaad White
Film Study

Vision 10.5/12

Contact Balance 8/10

Burst 7/10

Elusiveness 7.25/8

Lateral Speed and Change of Direction 7/8

Receiving Threat 4.75/6

Athleticism 4.75/5

Long Speed 2.5/5

Pass Protection 3.75/5

Overall: 55.5/69

Final Rating: 80


Pro Comparison: A Taller Jerick McKinnon

Scheme Fit: Andy Reid Style Offense

Draft Grade: Fourth or Fifth Round

Draft Projection: Fourth or Fifth Round Pick

Jerick McKinnon
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