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Potential Cuts

Dez Bryant

It's been 4 years since Dez Bryant has had a thousand yard receiver. Right now he's the 4th highest paid receiver but he isn't getting the proper production. Dez only threw up the X only 6 times last year and doesn't deserve the type of money he's getting. Des is only getting older and as we start to see the development of Cole Beasley and who ever the Cowboys will pursue this offseason his stock will be trending down. I heard it's unlikely the 'boys cut him but they should consider rethinking...

Demarco Murray

If I was reading this article in 2013 I'd think I was crazy but father time reaches everybody... except Tom Brady. Now this isn't just because of his play, but his teammates play. Derrick Henry is one of the top young running back's in the NFL and he is definitely ready for a bigger role. DeMarco will be able to get a number 1 job in free agency and could potentially groom some younger running backs.

Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor does not deserve to get cut but it sounds like Sean McDermott has been wanting to break up with Tyrod Taylor for a while now. Everyone who's ever played with Tyrod has only good to say about him, he's a leader among men and deserves to be on a team. T-Mobile brings a duel threat to an offense and is one of the hardest players defend. Tyrod will go to a team where he can breed a young rookie quarterback.

Cliff Avril

With the 2018 season ending with a serious neck injury it is unlikely that veteran DE Cliff Avril will return to the Seahawks next season. He was at his best when the legion of boom was in its prime but we have passed that era. The Seahawks will be looking to get new, young pass rushers to revive their struggling defense. If the Seahawks want to succeed I think they should keep Avril on their roster but with the NFL standing for, "Not For Long", I would expect Seattle to move on this season.

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