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Players Who Are Going to Ball Out in Week 3

Tyreek Hill vs the 49ers

Tyreek Hill has played amazing this season and I don't expect that to be any different today. Richard Sherman has also played ridiculous this season and has only allowed one catch (to Stefon Diggs). Richard Sherman is a little banged up and he struggles with the deep ball. This is great news for Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Deanthony Thomas. Akhello Witherspoon also struggled last week versus Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones. If the 49ers want to stop Hill this week, they need to stay discipline with their cover-3 and not put Richard Sherman on an island. I think this is going to be an amazing week for Tyreek and expect him to explode for your fantasy teams.

Deforest Buckner vs the Chiefs

Deforest Buckner has quietly had an amazing career so far. He's fantastic in the run game and is always in the quarterback's face. This is the first season where he is actually taking down the quarterback, he already has 3.5 sacks on the season. The 49ers defense gets a big piece back today in Reuben Foster who will help the defense all around. The emergence of Fred Warner has also helped Buckner this year. I think Buckner will help shutdown Kareem Hunt and keep Patrick Mahomes in check today. The 49ers should be pleased with their front seven today. Buckner will be a huge part of this and I think he's going to get up in Patrick Mahomes' grill. 

Adam Thielen vs the Bills

Adam Thielen is a DOG, I don't care what anyone says. Thielen is the most consistent receiver in the NFL and I am confident with what he brings to the table. He brings precise route-running and separation. I am confident that this will continue versus a struggling Bills team. The Bills have been struggling like crazy this year, I mean they have DB's retiring at halftime. Tre'Davious White hasn't had the same year as he had last year so I'm not too worried about him. I think there are so many weapons in that Vikings offense that I think there will be a hard time getting a double team. Thielen is going to ball and is a lock for your fantasy rosters!

Antonio Brown vs the Buccaneers

AB hasn't been what we expected, straight up. He's angry and he's working harder than ever. I think he shows us who the best receiver in the NFL is. Antonio Brown is insane, I think this is the week he gets it going. It's Monday Night Football and I think he will make steelers fans jump out of their seats. The Bucs have all the hype and I think Antonio Brown will shut up all the noise. AB is upset and he knows it's time to ball out. I don't see a DB who can cover AB, I think he will be able to outplay Brent Grimes; even if he shadows him. AB is going to play better than ever and bigger than ever. This is his game and he's going to show everyone who's the best receiver in the game.

JJ Watt vs the Giants

This is the game that JJ Watt breaks out. He is playing against a new offensive tackle, Chad Wheeler, who has a daunting task. It is also the home opener for the Houston Texans, and JJ Watt is the face of Houston, Texas. The crowd will be on his side and their will be a ton of pressure for Wheeler. I think JJ will be involved in some stunts to confuse Wheeler. I also expect him to challenge Saquon in the run game. This is JJ's game and he's going to ball out today!

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