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Players on the Brink of Stardom

This description isn't for the players who are going to have nice years or are entering their prime. This is the article for players who are going to be the next Antonio Browns or JJ Watts. These are the players who are going to make your jaw drop week after week. These are the jerseys you are buying.

Michael Thomas WR Saints

When your instagram is @CantGuardMike, you have some big expectations. Michael Thomas has been improving year after year and now this is the year that he'll lead the NFL. Michael Thomas is big, fast, and strong. He has some of the best hands in the NFL and will be Drew Brees' number one receiver again. Michael Thomas is a rare breed and will catch touchdowns no matter how many defenders are in his way. His hands are ginormous and will be breaking records this season. 

Andrew Luck QB Colts

A lot of people already think Andrew Luck is a star, but I think this is the year he emerges as an MVP candidate. I think he will be discussed along with the Aaron Rodgers and Tom Bradys. I think this could be the year that Luck gets recognized for the best of the best. If he could lift the Colts from a 3-13 team into an above .500 team, he will be considered a top 3 quarterback. Luck has the characteristics of a star player but this is his year to show them!

Stefon Diggs WR Vikings

Stefon Diggs' work ethic is what puts him in this category. He is the definition of no days off and is always working on improving his game. This year he has a pro bowl quarterback in Kirk Cousins who seems to have a great connection with Stefon. Diggs is one of the best route runners in the NFL and creates great separation. Diggs is the type of player that you watch on tape, over and over and over again. I think this is the year that Diggs will either lead the league in yards, touchdowns, YAC, or something that will set him apart from any other receiver.

Yannick Ngakoue DE Jaguars

Everybody knows Yannick Ngakoue for all the strip sacks but I think this is the year he's in the defensive player of the year conversation. Ngakoue had a breakout year last year and is one of the most explosive players in the NFL but this is the year that people all over the world start buying his jersey. He is well-known in Duval county but I think this year he becomes a legend in Florida. Yannick is about to change the NFL and be recognized as the very best.

Deion Jones LB Falcons

Deion Jones is special, he has rare athletic ability that shouldn't be allowed in the NFL. Jones has phenomenal instincts and trusts his eyes. Jones flies to the ball and is a ball hawk at the middle linebacker position. Jones doesn't miss tackles and is the leader of the Falcons defense. Jones is capable of leading the NFL in tackles and interceptions he is so talented. I think this is the year he gets recognized as the best linebacker over Luke Kuechly and Bobby Wagner. This is Deion's year!

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