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Best Fantasy Starts for Week One

QB: Carson Wentz vs the Redskins


The Eagles are going to have a high powered offense this year and this will be the game where they "explode" on to the scene. Carson Wentz has a history of putting up points vs the Redskins and he has the homefield behind him. I think Desean Jackson will have a huge game this week. It's a revenge game for him and you already know Doug Pederson has a couple deep shots planned for this week. I also think the run game will help set up play action for Philly. Miles Sanders will be very active in the passing game and Alshon Jeffery will be looking to avenge himself for what happened in the playoff game vs the Saints. I think the Eagles will be hitting on all cylinders on Sunday and it starts with Carson Wentz. 

RB: Mark Ingram vs the Dolphins

With Lamar Jackson at quarterback, the Dolphins are going to have to stop the run game. The problem is that Lamar Jackson isn't the only player that can run on this team. This offseason the Ravens added Mark Ingram who is one of the hardest runners in the league. If you look at the details, you can see that when he gets the ball he's super productive. The past few seasons, Mark Ingram's been out-shined by Alvin Kamara, but now it's his turn to take over. I see Ingram getting in the end zone multiple times and having a field day against this awful Dolphins defense. 

WR: Julio Jones vs the Vikings

After dealing with a whole offseason of whether or not he's getting paid, Julio Jones became the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. Julio Jones stayed quiet throughout his negotiations which led to him getting his well deserved money. That is how you should act if you're trying to get paid. Julio is a chain mover and will have triple digit receiving yards this week. The last time Julio Jones played Xavier Rhodes, Rhodes won the matchup so Julio does have something to prove. Rhodes also struggled last season and in preseason, so the opportunity is there for Jones. This game is going to be high scoring and I expect the Falcons to air it out. Julio is going to have a big day vs Minnesota. 

TE: George Kittle vs the Buccaneers

George Kittle is going to pickup where he left off on Sunday. If you go back to the last time we saw Kittle on the field, he was setting records versus the Rams. Now I expect him to set records versus Tampa. The Bucs don't have anyone who can run with him and Kyle Shanahan will find ways to get him in space. Kittle is a playmaker and the Buccaneers defense won't be able to handle him. I can see him having over a hundred yards and one touchdown. He will be a big component for your fantasy teams this week and this season.

D/ST: Lions vs the Cardinals
K: Brett Maher vs the Giants
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