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Players that Benefit Most from Coaching Changes

Trevor Lawrence QB Jaguars

No rookie had a more disappointing season last year than Jaguars quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. Coming out of Clemson, Lawrence had the highest grade I have ever given an NFL draft prospect since I started scouting players in 2014 (tied with Joe Burrow). I thought Lawrence had what it takes to turn around the Jaguars' franchise, and I still do. One thing that I hated about his situation once he was drafted was his coaching staff. I never thought Urban Meyer deserved to be an NFL head coach and had major concerns regarding Lawrence's professional development. Now, with Doug Pederson as his head coach, I believe Lawrence's game will improve exponentially. Pederson has the "quarterback guru" reputation, and I think he is capable of bringing the best out of the second-year QB. The game looked way too fast for Lawrence in his first year; Pederson's most important task his helping the game slow down for Lawrence. Once Lawrence is able to process defense, I believe his talent will be properly showcased. I am still on the Trevor Lawrence hype train, and with Doug Pederson as his head coach, I believe Lawrence will look like an entirely different player in year two. 

Trevor Lawrence
Roquan Smith LB Bears

The Bears have received a lot of criticism for hiring a defensive-minded coach instead of an offensive guru to help Justin Fields. While I did not love the Matt Eberflus hire, I did love the possibility of Roquan Smith becoming the best linebacker in the league under his tutelage. If there is one position that Eberflus knows better than anyone else, it is the linebacker position. The middle linebacker is the "quarterback of the defense" and is responsible for getting everybody aligned before the snap. He is in charge of checking the defense based on offensive personnel and diagnosing audible calls. We have seen what Darius Leonard has done in Eberflus' defense and the type of player that D'Qwell Jackson, Sean Lee, and Jaylon Smith were. While Roquan Smith is already a pro-bowl player, I believe Eberflus is capable of taking his game to the next level. There isn't any player that benefits from this hiring more than Roquan Smith.

Roquan Smith
Jerry Jeudy WR Broncos

Every team is looking for "the next Davante Adams" at the wide receiver position. While Jerry Jeudy may not be "the next Davante Adams", I do believe he can end up playing the role of Davante Adams in Nathaniel Hackett's offense. In a similar way to Adams, Jeudy is a route-running savant. Jeudy's release package is already special, you can tell he is from South Florida the way he plays, but imagine if he can add the "Davante Release" to his repertoire. He can be really special... I mean really special. After his first season in the NFL, Adams' biggest issue was his hands; he dropped a handful of touchdowns as a rookie. Jeudy's greatest limitation right now are his hands. While Hackett can't take the credit for Adams becoming a more reliable receiver, he knows the recipe. He knows what Adams did to sure up his mitts and he can pass that information along to Jeudy. I loved Jerry Jeudy coming out of Alabama, and I genuinely believe in him. Jeudy is capable of taking the same step as Calvin Ridley did; Nathaniel Hackett is only going to elevate his game.

Jerry Jeudy
Devin Bush LB Steelers

It is no secret that Brian Flores should be an NFL head coach this season, and his time with the Steelers will be short-lived. He is arguably the best assistant coach in the entire league, and I believe he'll demand greatness out of Devin Bush. Bush is going to receive a plethora of gems and information with Flores as his linebacker coach. I believe Bush took a little step back this season from where he was as a rookie, but that one step back looks miniscual compared to the two steps forward he'll be taking with Flores as his position coach. Flores understands defense better than anyone in the league because he got to learn first-hand from Bill Belichick. I believe Flores will turn Bush into a mixture of Dont'a Hightower and Devin White. Bush has such a unique skillset, and I believe Brian Flores will make the most out of it. 

Devin Bush
Jaylen Waddle WR Dolphins

This dude is a stud; there is no other way to put it. He is as reliable as they come, and with the Mike McDaniel hiring I believe he can turn reliability to super-stardom. Waddle has controlled speed; he doesn't outrun his hamstrings, but he outruns his opponents. In year one, Waddle showed that he already has some of the softest hands in the league. Under McDaniel, I believe Waddle will be a top ten fantasy receiver and used in different many ways. The "Kyle Shanahan offense" is known for its over routes and utilizing the middle of the field. With McDaniel calling plays, I believe Waddle will line up on the outside, in the slot, and in the backfield. I also anticipate McDaniel scheming Waddle open with pre-snap motion and post-snap fakes. McDaniel does a great job at getting his best players the ball in their hands with space to work with. Waddle's YAC will increase and the amount of explosive plays will aswell. 

Jaylen Waddle
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