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Answering the NFL's Biggest Remaining Question Marks

Will Colin Kaepernick get signed?

This is the biggest question I have, solely because we don't know what shape Colin Kaepernick is in. We don't know if his head is in it and if he is truly ready to play. That being said, I've heard that he's been training five days a week the past three years. After being blackballed, Kaepernick obviously is going to have some rust on the tires. I'm sure his body is in some of the best shape of his life and his hunger/fire is greater than ever, but there is a difference from being in shape and being in football shape. Something that we won't know is if his body can sustain the hits from a linebacker or defensive end. We also don't know if he'd be willing to take a backup role and work his way up to being a starter. Colin Kaepernick might be my favorite player in NFL history, but the question marks are undeniable. My prediction is that he gets signed into a backup role as soon as the team facilities start opening up more and then works his way up. Some teams that could have interest are the Chargers, Rams, and the Patriots.

Where will Cam Newton sign?

Cam Newton is another one of those players that we just truly don't know about. We haven't seen him on the field in some time and the only other player who I think his experience is really comparable to is Andrew Luck. That being said, Cam Newton looks like he's on a mission. He is in superman shape and his body has had time to rest and heal up from his injuries. We've seen him training in Atlanta with Todd Gurley and Odell Beckham Jr., and I think that'd be an amazing spot for him to end up. He has a business down in the ATL and we know he has a ton of friends on the Falcons roster. I'm not a big believer in Matt Ryan and I do think Cam Newton will either bring out the best in him through competition or beat him out. I believe Cam Newton would fit perfectly with the Atlanta Falcons.

Will the Cowboys and Dak Prescott reach an agreement?

This answer is going to be short and sweet. The answer is yes. Dak Prescott is undoubtedly going to be the face of the Dallas Cowboys for the next decade. Dak Prescott has been extremely present in the Dallas community both financially and vocally this offseason and has had a huge affect on the Cowboys win percentage. For the first six weeks of the season last year, Dak Prescott was the MVP favorite. If he can consistently play like that, he'll take the Cowboys on a super bowl run. Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott's agent both have to take that into consideration, and I think they will. Jerry Jones will come up with a creative, lucrative contract for Prescott and they will have him locked up before next season begins.

Which team breaks the bank with Jadeveon Clowney?

Jadeveon Clowney is too good of a player to be a free agent and he will get paid before next season begins. You can never have enough pass rushers so we'll see Clowney get signed and I think the Jets are a really good fit for him. I only see him getting a one year deal, but if the Jets are able to move Jamal Adams that will free up some room for them. The Jets don't have that dominant force on the edge and with CJ Mosely coming back, they now have a very good front seven. I see Quinnen Williams developing in his second season and this defense just being extremely sound up front.

Who will Jamal Adams be playing for next season?

The New York Jets have completely botched Jamal Adams potential contract extension, and I don't see them reaching an agreement. I think Jamal Adams gets traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. We know Joe Douglas has a lot of players he loves on Philadelphia so this is my proposed trade. Derek Barnett, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, and a second round pick for Jamal Adams. Jamal Adams is my favorite safety in the NFL and he is just a different breed. Adams is an emotional leader for the Jets and he will take over for Malcolm Jenkins next season. Adams is versatile and so much more than just a strong safety. He can rush the passer, he can play free, he can play in the box, and he can play linebacker. Jamal Adams is an alpha and I can see him suiting up for the Philadelphia. He can bring a similar impact as Brian Dawkins and he has that dog in him! Jamal Adams is a beast and every team could use him.

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