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NFL Week 13 Preview

Saints @ Falcons

The Falcons are one of the most confusing teams in the NFL. Once you think they are going to make a run they seem to "shit the bed". Look back to just 14 days ago, in Taysom Hill's first start the Saints beat Atlanta 24 to 9. However, the Falcons bounced back and absolutely dominated the Las Vegas Raiders. The Falcons are the type of team that you won't ever feel confident putting money on. The Saints are one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. They are the team to beat in the NFC. Hill has been one of the most exciting players to watch the past two weeks, nevertheless the Falcons should be more prepared to stop him this week. With both Todd Gurley and Julio Jones expected to return, this game is going to be a lot closer than it was two weeks ago. The Saints are super hot and a team that I wouldn't want to pick against.

Falcons key to victory: Let Deion Jones spy Taysom Hill, bring the heat defensively

Saints key to victory: Offensively play your game, don't turn the ball over and run the ball

Player of the Game: Marshon Lattimore CB Saints

Final Score: Saints 26 Falcons 13

Browns @ Titans

The Browns are quietly having their best season OF THE 2000's! That is insane! Cleveland is 8-3 and are in a position to make a run in the playoffs. With that being said, they aren't as good as their record says. Five of their eight victories have come either against the NFC East or the Bengals. Cleveland's two most impressive wins have come against AFC South teams. It is freezing cold in Nashville, which means that both teams will have to utilize the run game. Myles Garrett is returning for the Browns while the Titans are going to be without some key pieces. Every year it seems like Derrick Henry ramps up his play in December. It is officially December and the Browns are in for a treat. The Titans are going to utilize play-action and I expect Ryan Tannehill to outplay Baker Mayfield.

Browns key to victory: Load the box and gang tackle Derrick Henry

Titans key to victory: Utilize play-action and get the ball to AJ Brown

Player of the Game: AJ Brown WR Titans

Final Score: Browns 17 Titans 24

Lions @ Bears

GRITTY GAME OF THE WEEK! Every week there is one game that is going to be sloppy, low scoring, and ugly. This week it will be this NFC North slug fest. The Lions are coming off of the Thanksgiving day embarrassment against the Texans and the Bears are coming off of the Sunday Night whooping against the Packers. There have been three head coaches fired this year and Matt Patricia is the latest name to get the boot. Every time a coach gets fired, the team seems to win the following week. The Lions have a real opportunity to get a win against Mitchell Trubisky and the Chicago Bears. This game is going to be freezing cold and one of those typical NFC North matchups. I expect Detroit to rally and come up with a big win.

Lions key to victory: Take shots with Marvin Jones Jr.

Bears key to victory: Let Nick Foles replace Trubisky if the offense isn't clicking

Player of the Game: Marvin Jones Jr. WR Lions

Final Score: Lions 23 Bears 13

Taysom Hill
Matthew Stafford.jpg
Bengals @ Dolphins

This game would have been an awesome rookie dual if Joe Burrow was still healthy, but those aren't the circumstances. With Brandon Allen as a starter, the Bengals are going to have a hard time winning one more game this entire season. Brian Flores hasn't revealed who he plans on starting at quarterback this week, but either way the Dolphins should win this game. To be frank, Flores has handled the Tagovailoa situation terribly in recent weeks. He should have let Tua play out the Broncos game, even if they were going to lose he needs those experiences. Tua shouldn't have to look over his shoulder whenever he plays poorly. As lovable as Ryan Fitzpatrick is, this is Tua's team. The Dolphins are a much better team than Cincinnati and should win this game regardless of who's at quarterback.

Bengals key to victory: Play turnover free football and feed Giovanni Bernard

Dolphins key to victory: Capitalize on Brandon Allen's mistakes

Player of the Game: Xavien Howard CB Dolphins

Final Score: Bengals 13 Dolphins 20

Jaguars @ Vikings

The Vikings are one of the most fun teams to watch in the NFL. As I predicted, Justin Jefferson has been the best rookie receiver since Odell Beckham Jr. and this week he should be able to dominate against CJ Henderson and the Jacksonville Jaguars. It is amazing that Mike Glennon is starting in 2020, but not in a good way. I believe the Jaguars are looking ahead to the NFL draft and are licking their chops when they see Justin Fields throwing the ball for Ohio State. I expect the Vikings to run the ball down Jacksonville's throats and for Minnesota to keep the train moving against the Jags in Week 13.

Jaguars key to victory: Let DJ Chark make plays downfield!

Vikings key to victory: FEED DALVIN COOK

Player of the Game: Dalvin Cook RB Vikings

Final Score: Jaguars 10 Vikings 27

Colts @ Texans

This game should be one of the best all week. Deshaun Watson and the Texans are on a bit of a hot streak and the Colts are getting Deforest Buckner back. The Colts have dominated the Texans in the past decade, but this game could get crazy. Deshaun Watson is quietly putting up MVP numbers and the Colts have a top three defense in the NFL. Buckner is going to have an immediate impact and will shut down Houston's run game. This will be the Texans first game without Will Fuller this season so another receiver is going to have to step up. Frank Reich is amazing at bouncing back and will be able to expose Houston's defense. I like the Colts to win this game by at least one touchdown.

Colts key to victory: Continued pressure on Deshaun Watson

Texans key to victory: Throw the ball to Brandin Cooks

Player of the Game: Julian Blackmon SS Colts

Final Score: Colts 27 Texans 20

Devante Parker
Dalvin Cook.jpg
Julian Blackmon.jpg
Raiders @ Jets

If there was a season where you would ever win zero games, it would be this season. Trevor Lawerence is being looked at as a once in a lifetime type of talent. With that being said, if there was a week that the Jets were to win a game it would be against a "Josh Jacobs-less" Raiders team. Quinnen Williams has quietly been one of the best second year players in the NFL. Williams is a dominant force in the middle of the Jets defensive line and he gets both interior pressure on the quarterback and stuffs the inside running lanes. Nevertheless, it is the Jets. If Jon Gruden is really as good as he says he is, he needs to win this game. Raiders fans are hoping last week was just a blip in the season. Vegas NEEDS to win this game and I believe they will. 

Raiders key to victory: Take shots with Henry Ruggs

Jets key to victory: Force Derek Carr to throw the ball downfield and contain Waller

Player of the Game: Henry Ruggs WR Raiders

Final Score: Raiders 17 Jets 9

Giants @ Seahawks

This game could have gotten very interesting, but with Giants QB, Daniel Jones inactive, it will most likely be a blow out. The Seahawks are one of the best teams in the NFL and I expect Russell Wilson to illuminate Lumin Field against the Giants. DK Metcalf has been arguably the best receiver in the NFL this season and this week's matchup against James Bradberry will be one to watch. Bradberry has been one of the best free agent signings of the entire season and has proven to be a lockdown corner. The Giants just don't have enough to keep up with Seattle.

Giants key to victory: Force Russell Wilson to make bad decisions and turn the ball over

Seahawks key to victory: Let Chris Carson get settled again

Player of the Game: Tyler Lockett WR Seahawks

Final Score: Giants 13 Seahawks 30

Rams @ Cardinals

Some games you just know will be awesome and when there are two NFC west teams fighting for a playoff spot, you know this game will be awesome. I still believe that the Rams are pretenders, but Sean McVay dominates against the Cardinals. The way that the 49ers just take the Rams' soul throughout their games, gives me the same vibe that the Packers had last year. While McVay does dominate against Arizona, he hasn't had to go against Kyler Murray this year. Murray has been one of the best quarterbacks in the national football league. Murray is special, there is no other way to put it. There are two great matchups when the Cardinals offense is on the field, the first one is Deandre Hopkins against Jalen Ramsey and the second one is Murray versus Aaron Donald. This should be a close game, but I don't see the Rams losing back to back division games.

Rams key to victory: Get the play-action game going again

Cardinals key to victory: Use a ton of movement to get Aaron Donald off his game

Player of the Game: Cooper Kupp WR Rams

Final Score: Rams 27 Cardinals 26

Derek Carr.jpg
Tyler Lockett WR Seahawks
Patriots @ Chargers

The week 13 afternoon slate of games is awesome. The Chargers are one of the most entertaining teams in the NFL and this week they are going against the Patriots who seem to be getting sporadic every week. The Cam Newton experience may only last one season in Foxbourough, but it has been fun to watch. While the Chargers have been entertaining, they haven't been winning games. This is the last game I would ever put money on, but the first game I'm putting on the television. The Patriots have to get Damien Harris going. Harris has been one of the best players for the Pats and he'll help keep Justin Herbert on the sideline. The best matchup in this game is Keenan Allen vs Stephon Gilmore. Both players are technicians and as a young athlete guys who I watch film on. Chargers head coach, Anthony Lynn, has been on the hot seat this season, and his job security won't be looking too good if he drops this game to New England. His players will fight for him this week and upset the Patriots.

Patriots key to victory: Use the read option and have Joey Bosa be the option man

Chargers key to victory: Use Austin Ekeler on the perimeter

Player of the Game: Austin Ekeler RB Chargers

Final Score: Patriots 23 Chargers 27

Eagles @ Packers

The Packers have been one of the best teams in the NFL and Aaron Rodgers is playing at another level. It has been hard to watch the Eagles this year and Doug Pederson is coaching to save his job. The Eagles owe Carson Wentz over $60 million, which is why they can't just cut or bench him. They are stuck with him, but there is a recipe that the Eagles can use to defeat the Packers. It starts with Miles Sanders, he is the best player on the Eagles offense and is a dynamic playmaker. The Eagles need to feed 26. They also should use Jalen Hurts. Hurts is a physical runner and the Packers defense struggles with running offenses. This will keep Rodgers on the sideline and will prevent the Packers from jumping out to a large lead. I don't see Pederson benching Wentz and I am taking Rodgers over Wentz every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Eagles key to victory: Run the ball with Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders

Packers key to victory: Feed Davante Adams down field

Player of the Game: Davante Adams WR Packers

Final Score: Eagles 17 Packers 34

Broncos @ Chiefs

There is no reason this shouldn't be a blowout. Patrick Mahomes is the best player in football... no he may be the best player IN ALL OF SPORTS! There has been drama with the Broncos team and now they have to stop Mahomes in primetime. Mahomes dominates on Sunday Night Football and he dominates the Denver Broncos. I am not sure if Drew Lock is "the guy" for the Broncos. Between his mom tweeting and all of the injuries, there is no way the Broncos are going to hang with the Chiefs. This game is going to be freezing and we might actually see a little snow. This is my lock of the week.

Broncos key to victory: Keep Mahomes on the sideline and run the football

Chiefs key to victory: Andy Reid keeping his foot on the gas

Player of the Game: Tyreek Hill WR Chiefs

Final Score: Broncos 9 Chiefs 38

Justin Herbert.jpg
Davante Adams.jpg
Tyreek Hill.jpg
Football Team @ Steelers

While on paper this game should be a blowout, all I will say is hold your horses. Since becoming a starter, Alex Smith is 2-1 and could have very well been 3-0. Washington has the number one pass defense in the NFL, they're second in sacks and have allowed the least passing yards in the NFL this season. Do you know what team is first in sacks? You guessed it the Pittsburgh Steelers. Every season the best team always drops one of those fluke games, last year the 49ers lost late in the season to the Falcons. This could be one of those games for Pittsburgh. Alex Smith needs to get the ball out fast and get the ball in to Terry McLaurin's hands. McLaurin's new nickname is "the Captain" and he needs to lead his team to victory on Monday afternoon. While losing Bud Dupree for the season does hurt this defense, the Steelers just need to not turn the ball over. They're the best team in the NFL and they need this win.

Football Team's key to victory: Isolate Terry McLaurin and let him feast

Steelers key to victory: Get the run game going

Player of the Game: Benny Snell RB Steelers

Final Score: Football Team 20 Steelers 24

Bills @ 49ers

This Monday Night Football Game is a gem. The Bills have been awesome this year, but you can never count out Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers. Josh Allen is going to have to make plays with his legs if he wants to win this game. Allen also needs to play clean football and be decisive when he wants to take shots with either Stefon Diggs or John Brown. The Bills need to get pressure on Nick Mullens and force him to make bone headed decisions. All Nick Mullens needs to do is not throw interceptions. He needs to get the ball to Nick Mullens and Brandon Aiyuk and the 49ers can win this game. The matchup I'm watching is Raheem Mostert against Tremaine Edmunds in the perimeter. This should be an entertaining game, but I expect the 49ers to utilize the run game and come up with a Monday Night victory.

Bills key to victory: Josh Allen running the football

49ers key to victory: Nick Mullens not turning the ball over

Player of the Game: Raheem Mostert RB 49ers

Final Score: Bills 23 49ers 30

Cowboys @ Ravens

It is time for Lamar Jackson to come back and take ownership of this team. The Ravens roster is too good not to be in the playoffs. Jackson needs spark up this offense and get his team going. I'm sure he watched football on Wednesday on the couch and saw Hollywood Brown get that long touchdown and he thought I need to get Brown the ball more. This will be the week that Jackson gets his stuff together and ball out on Tuesday Night Football. For the Cowboys, they need to get CeeDee Lamb the ball. Lamb is dynamic and will make plays for this offense. This will be the Ravens breakout week and make a run for a playoff spot. 

Cowboys key to victory: Let CeeDee Lamb make plays with the ball in his hands

Ravens key to victory: Lamar Jackson playing free

Player of the Game: Lamar Jackson QB Ravens

Final Score: Cowboys 16 Ravens 33

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Raheem Mostert
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