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Predicting Each Team's First and Second Round Picks

By Division

AFC East

Jets Selections

3rd) Josh Allen EDGE Kentucky

After the Jets big trade for Sam Darnold last year, they are stuck with only one pick in the first two rounds, thankfully that pick is third overall. With the third overall pick, the Jets select a dynamic pass rusher to get after Tom Brady. After Anthony Barr's last second opt-out, the Jets have a hole at outside linebacker. Selecting Josh Allen will fill that hole and give them a player who can get double digit sacks and can cover in space. If the Jets don't decide to trade down, they potentially get the next Khalil Mack. 

Bills Selections

9) Andre Dillard OT Washington State

40) Hakeem Butler WR Iowa State

This Bills draft is all about building around Josh Allen. The most successful offensive systems in the NFL are the ones that build around their quarterback's. Let's start with Andre Dillard, he's looked at as the best pass protector in the draft and this will give Josh Allen time to throw. In round 2 Josh Allen gets a BEAST! Hakeem Butler has the potential to be the next Calvin Johnson. He will be the guy a jump-ball type of guy who will let Josh Allen reach his full potential. Allen and Butler can be the next great QB-WR duo in the NFL!

Dolphins Selections

13) Jonah Williams OL Alabama

48) D'andre Walker EDGE Georgia

I think the Dolphins are going full "re-build" mode, and the first thing you should do while rebuilding is go after offensive and defensive lineman. If the Dolphins can protect their future quarterback and have a monster defensive line by the time that he comes into the league, the Dolphins will be looking good in the future. With Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and Jake Fromm entering the league next year, the Dolphins are getting ready for a season with Ryan Fitzpatrick being their starting quarterback. D'andre Walker is probably the best edge rusher when it comes to the run game. Most of these standup 9 tech's are only pass-rush specialists, but Walker gets after it in the run game. The Dolphins are in rebuild mode and this is a solid way to start. 

Patriots Selections

32) Noah Fant TE Iowa

56) Will Grier QB West Virginia

64) JJ Arcega-Whiteside WR Stanford

No, I don't think Noah Fant will get past the top 20, but I see the Patriots trading up for him. But the theme in this draft is offense, you never know what's going on in that Patriots front office, so I'm going out on a limb here. Fant is special, he is the best route runner (out of the tight ends) and can also block. I am a Hockenson guy, but Fant looks to be a future pro bowler. In round 2, the Patriots finally take the quarterback to replace Brady. I think any quarterback who

11) Buffalo Bills select Andre Dillard OT Washington State

The Bills just drafted their franchise quarterback last year, now they draft their franchise offensive tackle. Andre Dillard will be able to protect Josh Allen for years going forward and should be the be able to show off that gigantic arm of his. The Bills have a lot of work to do, but it's important that they start by taking care of their offensive line. The Bills picked up some more picks after trading down two spots, so now they will have some more capital if they want to end up trading up or getting some more players to compliment Allen. I think the Bills can wait until round 2 if they want to get a receiver or running back, but I can see them taking either TJ Hockenson or DK Metcalf if they stay put at 9. The Bills need to revamp their offense and build around Josh Allen, and this should be the first move that they take.

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