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NFC Record Predictions

NFC East

1. Eagles 11-5

2. Cowboys 10-6

3. Giants 4-12

4. Redskins 4-12

The Eagles look so damn good right now. There's no drama in the locker room and Carson Wentz is finally healthy. It feels like forever since Carson Wentz has been 100%, but now that he's ready to the Eagles are once again super bowl contenders. The Eagles have a lot of new players on the team this year like Jordan Howard and Desean Jackson, but my favorite addition was a rookie. Miles Sanders is going to be a beast this year. He's such a shifty runner and is great in space. By week 7 I expect Miles Sanders to be the three down back for Philly. The Eagles still have one of the best tight ends in the league with Zach Ertz and a phenomenal backup with Dallas Goedert. I also like them adding Andre Dillard in the first round. Their defense will be really solid and I see them doing really well this year. The Cowboys have virtually the same team as last year so I expect them to start the season fast. I didn't see really any massive improvement at any position for them this offseason, but I don't think that will hurt them too much. Dak lost his safety blanket in Cole Beasley, but got his old one back with Jason Witten returning. I think Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott's connection will be much more consistent this year, but I think Zeke my be a little slow out the gate. On the defensive side of the ball I expect Jaylon Smith to make a run at the defensive player of the year. However, I don't see them winning the east because of how much better the Eagles got this offseason. The Giants look really bad to me this year. Outside of Saquon, I don't see too any threats in this offense. I think Daniel Jones sees the field around week 6, but I don't see a big year for Big Blue this season. The same goes for the Redskins. I think Dwayne Haskins struggles in his rookie season. Similar to what Josh Allen did last year where he shined at times, but you could tell that he's a rookie. I think he'll take over the offense at week 4, but I just don't see them making a run at the playoffs this year. I think Derrius Guice will have a thousand yard season and takeover that backfield. This will be a year of growth for the Redskins. 

NFC North

1. Packers* 11-5

2. Bears* 9-7

3. Vikings 8-8

4. Lions 4-12

*Picks made before the Bears vs Packers game

The Packers are my big sleeper team this year. I LOVE Aaron Jones and you can never go wrong with Aaron Rodgers. I think Aaron Jones has a top 10 season for fantasy running backs and I truly believe that the Packers offense will revolve around him. I think Davante Adams will be top 5 in both receiving yards and receiving touchdowns this season. My big reason for having the Packers win the North is due to their defensive additions. I love what they did this offseason, they have an entirely new defense. They added Zadarius Smith and Preston Smith on the front seven and Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage in the secondary. This defense will be legit and their offense is going to be fast. The Packers will take a big leap this year. The Bears will also look solid this season. Their defense is amazing, but I think their offense takes a bit of a step back. I think teams will be able to adjust to Matt Nagy's offense a little better, but yet again he is very unpredictable. My favorite thing about them this year has to be David Montgomery. I'm worried Mike Davis my take away a bit of his carries, but once they get him going I think he'll be unstoppable. I think Khalil Mack will have another unstoppable season and Eddie Jackson will have at least 5 interceptions. This team is still great so expect them to make a playoff push. I struggled with the Vikings... They should be so good this year. I mean on paper, there really isn't anywhere they struggle. I just think this division is so damn good. Dalvin Cook is going to have a bounce back season if he can stay healthy. I just don't know why, I have a feeling they won't make the playoffs. The Lions are a mediocre team at best and I don't see them making a playoff push. I think they can play upset within their own division, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is Matt Patricia's last year as the Lions head coach. On the bright side, I believe Kerryon Johnson finishes the season with over a thousand yards and Kenny Golladay finishes with double digit touchdowns. 

NFC South

1. Saints 10-6

2. Falcons 10-6

3. Panthers 8-8

4. Buccaneers 5-11

Right now Drew Brees is getting a of hate, but I think he'll shut everyone up. I expect them to get off to a fast start, but will slow down a little later in the year. I think the Saints have one of the best run games in the NFL with Alvin Kamara and arguably the best receiver in the NFL with Michael Thomas. I think they got one of the best "lowkey" additions this offseason with Jared Cook and Latavius Murray is a solid backup. I am concerned about the loss of Mark Ingram and I think that Kamara has a lot to prove this season. I think the biggest x-factor for New Orleans this year will be how they use Taysom Hill. He is the most versatile player in the NFL and no one in the NFL can replicate what he does. He will be what separates the Saints from the rest of the league. The Falcons offense is going to be really really good this year. I think they will produce the best passing game in the league. Their weapons out wide are really, really good. Julio Jones should be in the end zone a lot more this season and Calvin Ridley will play complimentary along with Mohamed Sanu. On the other side of the ball they get both Deion Jones and Keanu Neal back and healthy. This will be huge for them and they should get a lot out of the two players. I think this team ends up on the playoff bubble when it's all said and done. I have a lot of question marks about the Panthers. I want to see if DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel can step up. I also want to see if their are any game changers in their secondary. The biggest question mark for this team is Cam Newton's shoulder. Is he 100%? That will determine the Panther's fate. While this team does have a lot of question marks, they do have two players that define consistency... Christian McCaffrey and Luke Kuechly. Both players will be a huge part of this team's success and if they make the playoffs it will be due to these two stars. This Panthers team is a playoff team if Cam Newton can stay healthy. This is a learning year for the Buccaneers. We have to learn what Bruce Arians can do with everybody who's on the roster. I really don't like this defense. Besides Devin White, there's no starter that I "love". I think they're going to struggle this year, straight up. I believe after this year they will realize it's time to move on from Jameis Winston and it's time for an other running back. This team is going to need to rebuild around White and Evans in 2020.

NFC West

1. Rams 11-5

2. Seahawks 8-8

3. 49ers 8-8

4. Cardinals 4-12

The Rams are still the top dogs in this division. Recently they've received a lot of hate for not playing Jared Goff in the preseason, but I don't expect this to be a headline for very long. I'm also not as worried about Gurley as everyone else. I think he's the best running back in the NFL and I expect him to be healthy for the start of the season. The Rams don't only have the best running back in football, they have the best player in the NFL. Aaron Donald is still the same person he was last year, and that person is a beast. The Rams still have their receiving trio and are getting Cooper Kupp back. This Rams team looks strong and like they are a headed back to the playoffs. I think the Seahawks will take a step back this year. Nobody is talking about it, but Doug Baldwin is gone. I think this is a monumental blow. He, along with Russell Wilson, are the leaders of this offense. Now it's time for guys like Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf to lead. At first I wasn't buying into all the Metcalf hype, but now that he's listed as a starter, I'm all in. I love the Jadeveon Clowney addition. This man is a game wrecker and can change this defense. He has an amazing burst off the line and I see him having double digit sacks this season. Besides Clowney and Wagner, I don't see enough on this defense to put them in the playoffs. Now the 49ers, I think this is a big year of confidence for them. The niners have been so banged up the past few years so if they can put up at least 8 wins, I think it will really help with their confidence. I truly believe Jimmy Garoppolo is a top 10 quarterback when healthy. He does unimaginable things when under pressure. It just separates him. He is in my opinion the best quarterback when facing pressure. One of my bold predictions for this year is that the 49ers will have the best run game in the NFL. I think Matt Breida is the most underrated running back in the NFL and Tevin Coleman will be a beast aswell. This team also has a lot of play makers. From Dante Pettis to Deebo Samuel to George Kittle to Marquise Goodwin, there are weapons for Jimmy. The 49ers can compete for a playoff run if there defense steps up. It's important that they force turnovers. Last season, they had the fewest in the league, but with the addition of Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, and Kwon Alexander, that statistic should change. The 49ers will be a lot better this year. Last is the Cardinals, this is a boom or bust year. I think the Cardinals have the potential to be like the Eagles their first year with Chip Kelly. Not the same scheme, but the way they bursted on to the scene. The problem is, this line is terrible. I was furious that they didn't draft an offensive lineman early in the draft. Kyler is going to be running for his life this season, but he could have some type of rookie magic. I don't think this defense will be that good either. Their best player won't play the first six weeks and they are in a great division. I don't see this being a competitive year for Arizona.

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