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Favorite AFC West Draft Picks

Denver Broncos

156th Pick Justin Hollins EDGE Oregon

Justin Hollins was my sleeper pick. I LOVE speed rushers and what's a better team to join than the Broncos at that position. That's like being an offensive coordinator under Sean McVay or being a quarterback under Tom Brady... you're bound to pick some shit up. It's such a blessing to be in a position to learn from Von Miller. I know Bradley Chubb was a monster in college, but I don't think he has the rookie year he has if it isn't for Von Miller. Miller is a perfect mentor to have; he's gotten to learn from two of the best pass rushers to ever live, Demarcus Ware and Elvis Dumervil, and has pass rushing summits every year. He will hook you up without a doubt and help you reach your potential. I think Hollins fits perfectly into Vic Fangio's defense and will be a guy who was drafted late and turns into a star.

Kansas City Chiefs

56th Pick Mecole Hardman WR Georgia

Mecole Hardman is a guy who I get more and more excited about the more I look into him. I think he's in a situation where he can potentially be the number one receiver right out the gates. With Tyreek Hill's future in question and Sammy Watkins' inconsistencies, if Hardman can be a piece of stability he will fit perfectly in Kansas City. I hope Hardman plays a similar way to Tyreek Hill, because a lot of times when receivers are small and have speed they are put into the label as a deep threat. And while I'm not saying that Tyreek Hill isn't a deep threat, I think he's just so much more. I think he's a phenomenal route runner and a guy who knows how to separate. If Hardman can develop into that type of player, he can be just as good as Tyreek was last season. Hardman's potential is through the roof and he's going to have the opportunity to be Patrick Mahomes' number one receiver for the next 10+ years.

Los Angeles Chargers

60th Pick Nasir Adderley S Delaware

With the exit of Jahleel Addae, Nasir Adderley could be in the starting lineup next to Casey Hayward, Derwin James, Adrian Phillips, and Desmond King. WOW that is a star studded secondary. Adderley will be manning the slot with Derwin James and Adrian Phillips lining up all over the place and Casey Hayward and Desmond King playing corner, the AFC West running backs better get ready for the load. You are not going to be able to throw the ball against this defense. Nasir Adderley is also going to have a lot coming his way. He plays in a division where you've got Antonio Brown, Tyreek Hill, and Emmanuel Sanders all playing in the slot. Now that is some task you've got as a rookie. That is what some players dream about, now Nasir Adderley is living the dream. This was a phenomenal pick by the Chargers and he is going to fit in very well with that organization.


Oakland Raiders 

27th Pick Johnathan Abram S Mississippi State

24th Pick Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

The Raiders might have had arguably my favorite draft in the entire NFL. They drafted Clelin Ferrell before I would have drafted him, but I firmly believe that if you fall in love with a prospect, you don't wait on him. The funny part is that I fell in love with the two players they drafted with their next two picks. This is going to be the only team that I'm going to pick two players for just because how much I liked these two players. Personality wise, Abram fits the Raiders perfectly. He is a shit talking, hard hitting, extremely versatile defensive players. I think he's most comfortable in the box, but I think he can play some free if he needs to and can run with receivers if he needs to. That being said, I felt like Karl Joseph was a good fit as their box safety so I'm not 100% sold on his fit in the Raiders scheme. On the other hand, Josh Jacobs fits the offense like a glove. He is going to be their franchise running back for the next 10 years, but he still has a lot to prove. He was the starting running back for Alabama for only half a season, but in those games he was undeniable. He was a legit tank, but now it's his turn to show it in Oakland. This was a phenomenal draft by Mike Mayock.

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