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My Favorite AFC North Draft Picks

Pittsburgh Steelers

66th overall pick Diontae Johnson WR Toledo

Diontae Johnson was a receiver that didn't get a ton of recognition in college, but is an all around great player. Johnson has outstanding body control and does a great job with getting separation. With Antonio Brown departing to Oakland, there is a void in Pittsburgh's offense, so if Johnson can get atleast half of Brown's 15 touchdowns from 2018, it would be considered a breakout year. This is the third year in a row the Steelers have drafted a receiver on day 2 and hopefully Johnson can be as successful as Juju Smith-Schuster was in his rookie season.

Baltimore Ravens

113th overall pick Justice Hill RB Oklahoma State

SPEED! That's what the Ravens did in this draft and Justice Hill is no exception. Hill ran the fastest 40 yard dash out of all the running backs in this class and will look to compliment Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards. I think this is a perfect match with Baltimore and Lamar Jackson because of the option plays. While Ingram and Edwards are both great runners, they make their money between the tackles, with the addition of Hill they have a runner who flourishes on the outside. Hill is a perfect fit in Baltimore and is going to be apart of a dangerous backfield in Baltimore.

Cincinnati Bengals

211th overall pick Rodney Anderson RB Oklahoma

Every now and then you see an underclassman who sticks out to you in college football. This was Rodney Anderson for me. I saw him in the college football playoffs in 2018 and he was sensational. He showed insane contact balance and great vision, two of my priority needs in a running back. Unfortunately his draft stock fell due to a torn ACL and with uncertainty if he'll even play in the 2019 season. No matter if he plays or not, Cincinnati is getting a back who they can invest in to go along with Joe Mixon and Trayveon Williams.

Cleveland Browns

46th overall pick Greedy Williams CB Louisiana State

GREEDY... GREEDY... This LSU standout cornerback took an unexpected fall into the middle of the second round, but fell to a perfect place. A place who's future is bigger than its' past. With Greedy Williams, the Browns get a guy who can instantly start on the opposite of Denzel Ward. The Browns future is so bright and Greedy is going to be a perfect fit in the AFC North. This could potentially be the steal of the entire draft. 

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