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Lynn Bowden Jr. Draft Profile

Scouting Report

I’ve never seen a player quite like Lynn Bowden Jr.. Bowden doesn’t have any clear position, he’s just an athlete. He needs to go to a team that has an offensive coordinator who can get creative. Bowden is a once in a blue moon type of draft prospect. He was the most versatile player in college football last season and his athleticism is off the charts. He was a captain at Kentucky and in the middle of the season he switched his position from Wide Receiver to Quarterback. In the NFL he’s trying to play receiver, but I don’t think he’ll have a true position. He is the most Sean Payton type of player I have ever seen. Bowden has this type of swagger to him and I think he’s just a natural. He sheds tackles like it’s nothing and he’s amazing at reading his offensive line. He does a good job setting up his blockers. What really separates him as a player is his ability to take over a game. He has that it factor to his game. He plays backyard football, I haven’t seen a player do this coming out of college since Lamar Jackson out of Louisville. My big knocks on him would be his ability as a pure receiver. I’m not sure how good of a route runner he is and I don’t think he’ll be able to catch those 50-50 balls.That being said, he isn’t going to be a pure receiver in the NFL. Lynn Bowden is the most intriguing player in this years draft.

Where He Should Get Drafted: Round 1

Where He Will Get Drafted: Round 2

Draft Grade:

Separation: N/A

Route Running: C-

Releases/Ability to get off Press: N/A

Speed: A

Contested Grabs: D

Yards after the Catch: A+

Hands: N/A

Versatility: A++++

A lot of people compare Lynn Bowden Jr. to Taysom Hill, but I think he's more electric than him. He reminds me of when Braxton Miller was coming out of Ohio State. Bowden Jr. is going to be a guy that NFL teams are going to be gushing over. He is a defensive coordinators worst nightmare. He is slippery like Lamar Jackson and he is a piece of dynamite waiting to explode. He is going to be the guy who goes in the second round and what ever team drafts him will get other general managers texting them saying "great pick, I was about to take him". Lynn Bowden Jr. will be the Lamar Jackson of wide receivers. My only questions about him are based off his ability to a be a true receiver. An NFL head coach would be idiotic to try and make him a pure number one wide out. If I were to try and describe Bowden Jr., I'd say he's what his high school coaches tell legends about. He is a hometown hero, and has a remarkable story. Lynn Bowden is going to be one of the most fun players in the NFL next year and I think he is the new "weapon X".

Team Fits: Saints, Ravens, Patriots, Panthers

Pro Comparison: Braxton Miller

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