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Luke Falk Draft Profile
The Rating System

Accuracy 3.75/5

Arm Strength 3.75/5

Mobility 2.75/5

In-the-pocket 3.25/5

Throw on the Run 2.75/5

Progressions 3.25/5

Presence 3/5

Against Pressure 2.5/5

Decision Making 3.5/5

Like a pro 3/5

Gut Feeling, extras, Others 3/5

Overall 3.13 (Starter)


Washington State QB Luke Falk has had a lot of hype this year due to his accuracy and how easily he gets in to a rhythm. Luke is solid with his progressions but when he starts to feel pressure he gets in panic mode. He is decent with his decision making but I feel like he isn’t going to make the right reads in the NFL with defenders in his face. Falk struggles with throwing on the run and doesn’t have the type of speed to out run a defender or the elusiveness to be mobile in the pocket and behind the line of scrimmage. Once Falk get’s into a rhythm he is really good and has a certain type of presence that demands an audience. Falk hasn’t had the best of teams but is able to make things happen. When he gets into a rhythm he is very bang-bang he makes quick decisions and the right reads. This will be an attractive quality to NFL Scouts and if h can be put into a team with a solid O-line he will be able to succeed in the NFL. I think he’d be a nice fit in Baltimore where he'd be able to learn from Joe Flacco and be a backup. He’d also be a nice fit in Buffalo where he can compete there. I think Falk will end up going in the 4th round and be a back up in the NFL.

Comparison: Nick Foles

Luke Falk succeeds when he doesn't have to think about throws it's just bam you're open. They are both accurate passers and should fit with RPO's. I think it will take time for Falk to develop similar to what Foles had to do but with good coaching Falk could be successful. Foles was in the perfect system with Philadelphia and with quick throws he succeeds the most. Similar to Foles, I think Falk will be a back up. Hopefully Falk proves me wrong

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