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Laviska Shenault Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Laviska Shenault is a good receiver, but I don’t think he’s a first round pick. His game thrives after the catch and I really like his play strength. He wasn’t able to show off his speed at the combine (due to injury), but his play speed is faster than his 40 time. He can be used all over the field and a head coach will let him show off his yards after contact on reverses. Shenault also has great size and has a solid release package. He struggles as a blocker and isn’t a great route runner. I think he does a great job snapping his head down at the top of his hitch routes, but he takes a lot of false steps on  the top of his routes. He also didn’t get a ton of production at Colorado, but that also accounts to him playing with a quarterback who will go un-drafted and an atrocious offensive line. Shenault’s success really depends on the team he ends up with.

Where He Should Get Drafted: Mid 3rd Round Pick

Where He Will Get Drafted: Late 2nd Round

Rating System:

Separation: C

Route Running: C+

Releases/Ability to get off Press: B

Speed: B

Catch in traffic: B+

Yards after the Catch: A+

Hands: A-

Versatility: A

Laviska Shenault isn't a huge separation guy, but when he does get space it's because of his releases. He has a solid release package and his physicality will prevent him from getting jammed up at the next level. His game speed is faster than his straight speed and that shows up on tape. His hands are reliable and he's extremely versatile. YAC is what he's best known for and I like his physicality.

Team Fits: Bills, Giants, Patriots

Pro Comparison: Cordarrelle Patterson (not including his KR ability)

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