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Lamar Jackson Louisville QB

The Rating System

Accuracy 3.5/5

Arm Strength 5/5

Mobility 5/5

In-the-pocket 3/5

Throw on the Run 4/5

Progressions 2.5/5

Presence 5/5

Against Pressure 4/5

Decision Making 3.25/5

Like a pro 3/5

Gut Feeling, extras, Others 5/5

Overall 3.93 (super star)


Lamar Jackson is a human highlight reel and I’ve never had more fun watching film then watching this player. The NFL is an adapting game and even though his offense isn’t pro-style I think with some arrangements the team will build around him. Lamar Jackson has an incredible arm and Michael Vick like mobility. I think Jackson will give opposing coordinators nightmares and from the emergence of Deshaun Watson I think Jackson’s stock will rise. Although Jackson is a great prospect, he’s not perfect, his troubles are similar to Deshaun Watson when he was coming out of college. Where Jackson struggles most is when he’s faced against a 3/4 man front with exterior pressure and forced to stay in the pocket. He also has trouble with accuracy and tends to miss high a lot and struggles with progressions. To get better at this he’ll need a good coaching staff similar and I think he’d be the best fit with a creative coordinator like believe it or not Hue Jackson… I think he may be able revitalize the cleveland browns franchise with a little of help. Another good fit for him could be the Jaguars because with all his swagger and good coaching Jackson could lead this team to a Super Bowl , I wouldn’t be surprised if they went after him. Lamar Jackson has game changer potential and I’m a big fan of his.

Comparison: Deshaun Watson

Watson was a more sought-after prospect coming out of college than Jackson is but they have similar traits to each other. They are both near impossible for the first defender to get them and each struggled with making the correct progressions. I'm usually very critical of quarterbacks who struggle with progressions but since Watson's break through I think it's coachable. For those reasons, I think Jackson is perfect for the Jaguars because with Doug Marrone at head coach I think he will be able to help Jackson make the correct reads. Watson also had tendencies to miss high similar to Jackson and are incredibly athletic and mobile. I have Jackson graded as a better prospect than Watson out of Clemson but Watson definitely will raise the Louisville QB's stock.

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