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Kyler Murray Scouting Report

Grading Scale (Out of 5)

Accuracy: 4

In the pocket: 4

Outside the Pocket: 5

Against Blitz: 4

Progressions: 3.75

Throw on the Run: 5

Improvisational Skills: 5

Mobility: 5

Awareness/ Internal Clock: 3.75

Redzone: 4.5

Decision Making: 4

Team Presence/ Clutch Gene: 4.5

Gut Feeling: 4.25

Overall: 4.37 (Future All-Pro Ability)

Kyler Murray.jpg

Summary: In 2018 Kyler Murray, took over the college football universe. If there was one word to describe Murray, it would have to be electric. Murray is a dual-threat athlete, and had over 4,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards in his lone season as the starter for Oklahoma. Murray’s ability to throw on the run is something that you see once in a life time. It’s "Russell Wilson”-like and in watching him play you see how effortless he makes everything look. One thing I love about him is that he runs to throw. He won’t scramble around in the pocket just to find a gap to run through, he’s buying time to let his receivers get open. In the last game that I watched of Kyler's, I was looking for his weaknesses. It was really me looking for anything... anything at all, and there wasn't much. What I put for my negatives were that after he'd get hit, the next passing play you'd see him get a little scared and throw it off his back foot to avoid getting hit. The negative, that he couldn't really control, was that we saw him with the top receiver core in the country. This could affect him if he goes to a team with not nearly as talented receivers. I think the first delta is coachable and the second one is excusable because you saw the production he put up with those talents. As a smaller quarterback, you’d think that he mostly throws short balls and needs a special system to succeed, but he doesn’t! This man is great all around, he doesn’t stick on one read, you can see his eyes scan the field. He also has an arm, When you have Marquise “Hollywood” Brown as a receiver, you need to be able to put the ball over the top; and that is exactly what Murray did. Murray is special and you see why he is looked at as the “future number one overall pick”. I don’t think scheme fit matters in Murray’s case, and that will be dynamic where ever he plays. Murray is humble off the field and a baller on the field, and you can see why the Cardinals are crushing on him. Ideally, you'd like to see him be a plug and play guy because the less game footage you see on him, the more dangerous he is. You don't want to give time for defensive coordinators to "figure him out". I want to see him have the same effect guys as guys like RG3 and Colin Kaepernick had when they first got into the league. They put the opposing defenses in "awe" and were able to take their teams to the playoffs. In Arizona, I think Kyler could have a deadly connection with Christian Kirk. Kirk was a legend at Texas A&M and showed signs in the NFL. I think Larry FItzgerald would be happy and so would Kliff Kingsbury. Murray looks destined to the Cardinals unless a Laremy Tunsil situation happens *Knock on wood. 

Biggest Strength: Throw on Run and Improvisational Skills

Biggest Weakness: Size

Draft Projection: Number 1 Pick

Draft Grade: Top 5 Pick

Kyler Murray.jpg
Kyler Murray.jpg
Kyler Murray.jpg
Pro Comparison: Russell Wilson

Personally, as a 49er fan I hate having Russell Wilson in my division. Now imagine two of them... while this will make me miserable, it seems destined to happen. Watching a Young Wilson is like watching Steph Curry when he's hot. It's just unstoppable and you know he will put the dagger in your throat. Right now, there's no one like Russ in the NFL; and I think that Kyler Murray is going to have the same effect. Kyler and Russ have similar mentalities, they never get stressed. They are calm and cool in the most stressful moments. They both have insane pocket mobility and scramble with their eyes down field. Both quarterbacks also have an effortless throwing motion and can launch the ball down field. Wilson and Kyler are both natural winners and shorter than the "prototypical" quarterback. I think Russ is a better pocket passer, but Kyler is faster. If you get compared to Russell Wilson, you are going to be a special player in the league.

Russell Wilson.jpg
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