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Kyle Hamilton Draft Profile

Kyle Hamilton
Scouting Report

There is only one player in this year’s draft who is the highest graded player I have ever graded at their position. That player is none other than Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton who is the best safety prospect I’ve l graded since I started in 2014. He overtakes Tyrann Mathieu and Jamaal Adams who were my previous highest graded safeties. Hamilton is one of those players who can line up anywhere on the defense and make a play. He gives defensive coordinators the freedom to get creative and find ways to confuse opposing offenses. While there is a chance he falls in this draft, I believe Hamilton will be the biggest steal of round one.


I want my safety to see the field like a quarterback, and that is exactly how Kyle Hamilton sees it. He has a knack for finding the football, and that isn’t a coincidence. It is because he puts himself in a position to both make plays and blow up plays. His instincts are through the roof and he processes information quicker than the quarterback can read the defense. His position versatility is going to make him a disruptor in the NFL. His consistency in terms of tackling and coverage skills would make him a phenomenal strong safety in the pros. With that being said, he has better range than any safety I have ever seen. If the ball is in the air, Hamilton is going to find a way to make a play. He can cover up so much ground in such little time; Hamilton might not have track speed (given the slow 40-time), but he does have football speed. When he’s on the field he has a second gear. That second gear also comes out when having to make a tackle. Hamilton has sideline-to-sideline speed and never gives up on a play. His effort plus IQ plus natural talent makes him damn near the perfect safety prospect.


Every now and then there are a few prospects whose flaws are extremely hard to find unless you start knit-picking; that is the case with Kyle Hamilton. In coverage, there are times when Hamilton gets caught flat-footed. That allows faster players to get over the top of him which would be terrible if he is lined up in single-high. When he’s lined up in the box and rushing the passer, he just needs to be careful to not get a roughing the passer call. Other than that, there are not too many flaws in Hamilton’s game.


If you are a young team that needs a leader on your team, I believe Hamilton is a home-run pick. He was the captain of Notre Dame’s defense and a player who inherently takes on leadership roles. I believe his impact will be instant; I think he is an even better version of Panthers strong safety, Jeremy Chinn. In just his second year, Chinn is already one of the best safeties in the NFL and a guy who can play over the top, in the box, rush the passer, and man up with slot receivers and tight ends. Hamilton offers a similar skillset to Chinn, and if I’m a team like the Giants, Ravens, or Cardinals, I’m picking Hamilton even if it is considered “a reach”. Hamilton is a player worthy of reaching on regardless of positional value. He’s my number three overall player in this year’s draft, but it’s sounding like he could fall all the way down to the Eagles at number 15. If that is the case, Hamilton will be the best pick of day one.

Kyle Hamilton
Kyle Hamilton
Film Study

Eyes, Instincts, Processing: 9/10

Tackling + Physicality: 8.75/10

Range: 8/8

Ball Skills: 7/8

Man Coverage: 5/6

Zone Coverage: 5.5/6

Athleticism: 4.75/5

Versatility: 5/5

Overall: 53/58

Final Rating: 91


Pro Comparison: Jeremy Chinn

Team Fits: Giants, Cardinals, Ravens

Draft Ranking: Top 3 Player

Draft Projection: Top 15 Pick

Jeremy Chinn
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