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Kenny Yeboah Draft Profile

Scouting Report

The only way I can really describe Kenny Yeboah is as a late round project tight end. His tape was wildly inconsistent, yet he was very good against Alabama. He put up over 170 receiving yards as well as two touchdowns against the National Champions, yet it looked like he couldn’t hold a block against Arkansas. Yeboah is a talented athlete, if he can get put in a situation behind veteran tight ends, he will be a valuable role player.


Intangibles are on Kenny Yeboah’s side. Standing at 6’4 280 lbs., Yeboah is a genetic freak and can move like a wide receiver. He isn’t fast, but he’s got that slow speed. It’s the equivalent to old man strength, it doesn’t make sense, it’s just there. Yeboah can move, he was able to set the edge as a blocker for the Ole Miss offense against Alabama. I don’t know what came out of him in that game, but it looked like he drank Michael’s Secret Stuff. If Yeboah can play in the NFL the same way he played against Alabama, he will find a role on a 53 man roster. While he won’t always hold his blocks, he’s shown that he has the power to pancake a defensive back. There really isn’t any telling how good Yeboah might be. He’ll either be a late round steal or a guy who is out of the league in a year.


The biggest flaw in Yeboah’s game is his inability to be a consistent blocker. He gets put on his back when blocking power rushers, yet he can’t touch speed rushers. He’s good once he’s engaged in the block, but he struggles to even engage most of the time. Ole Miss ran a lot of mesh plays to get the ball in Elijah Moore’s hands, Yeboah was called for quite a few illegal picks. There’s a good chance that Yeboah get’s drafted, but his success depends on his destination.


Teams that need athleticism out of the tight end position are the Seahawks and Bills. Dan Campbell, the Lions head coach, was a former tight end and I think he can bring the best out of Yeboah. Similar to Jordan Akins, Yeboah is a raw athlete playing tight end. They are built similarly and are both boom or bust prospects. I expect Yeboah to either be taken in the seventh round or go undrafted.

Kenny Yeboah
Film Study

Hands + Ball Skills 5.25/8

Route Running 4.5/8

Strength 4.75/8

Athleticism 5.25/7

Yards After Catch 5/7

Intelligence 2.75/6

Playmaking Ability 3.25/5

Blocking Effort 2.5/5

Versatility 3/5

Overall: 36.25/59

Final Rating: 61


Pro Comparison: Jordan Akins

Team Fits: Seahawks, Lions, Bills

Draft Ranking: Seventh Round Pick

Draft Projection: Seventh Round Pick

Kenny Yeboah
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