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Kennedy Brooks Draft Profile

Scouting Report

The best part about the NFL draft is falling in love with prospects and seeing them bloom into NFL superstars. Last season a guy that I loved as a prospect and emerged as an all-pro was Micah Parsons, the year before it was Justin Jefferson, and the year before that it was AJ Brown. Those three prospects were “draft crushes” of mine, and I found my first “draft crush” in this year’s draft. Oklahoma running back, Kennedy Brooks, absolutely “wow-ed” me in the evaluation process, and I am confident that he is capable of being a superstar if he lands in the right situation. He reminds me a lot of Miles Sanders, another former draft crush of mine. I believe Mike McDaniel could turn Brooks into a lethal weapon in Miami. In the Dolphins’ offense, Brooks is capable of being the lead back that terrorizes the AFC East for years to come. The Falcons and Jets are two other teams where I believe Brooks will have an opportunity to become the best version of himself.


The most attractive thing about Brooks as a runner is how slippery he is. Defenders slide off him like he is butter; it always takes a few tacklers to bring him down. While it is fun to watch defenders try and bring him down, it is just as fun watching him find lanes to run through. Brooks has phenomenal vision and does a great job at setting up and reading his blockers. He is patient and knows how to get skinny through holes. While he is not the greatest blocker or receiver, he has shown potential during his time with Oklahoma. As a blocker, he thrives when running with a full head of steam into a defender. At Oklahoma, he did not get many opportunities as a receiver, but I don’t believe he is a bad receiver. These are both areas where he can improve, and I believe the improvement is likely. Brooks has phenomenal burst and underrated speed; he showed Texas just how fast he was in Oklahoma’s comeback win. He ran in the game-winning touchdown and absolutely tore up the Longhorn’s defense once Caleb Williams came in at quarterback. I believe Brooks may find success in an Outside Zone scheme because of his ability to cut laterally and change directions. He will be able to take advantage of cutback lanes and torture defenses for over-committing. If there was a hype train for Kennedy Brooks, I would be the conductor.


As a later-round running back, Brooks needs to be willing to do anything to get onto the field. While he Is an outstanding runner, he needs to get better at the other facets of his game. He constantly missed blocks and was overpowered by defensive linemen. As a receiver, Brooks was outshined by other talented running backs at Oklahoma. While it is not the strong suit of his game, I believe Brooks can develop into one of the best dual-threat running backs. He also was constantly running through wide-open holes behind an offensive line filled with five stars. At least for his first few years in the league, I believe it is pivotal for Brooks’ offensive line to be formidable. If Brooks is able to develop into a better blocker and get more opportunities as a receiver, I believe he will turn into one of the most entertaining backs in the NFL.

Kennedy Brooks
Kennedy Brooks
Film Study

Vision 11/12

Contact Balance 9.25/10

Burst 8.75/10

Elusiveness 8/8

Lateral Speed and Change of Direction 6.5/8

Receiving Threat 3.25/6

Athleticism 4/5

Long Speed 4.25/5

Pass Protection 2.25/5

Overall: 57.25/69

Final Rating: 83


Pro Comparison: Miles Sanders

Scheme Fit: West-Coast Offense

Draft Grade: Early Third Round

Draft Projection: Third - Fourth Round

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