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Kelvin Joseph Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Every year I have a few players that surprise me because of how good they are; this year, Kelvin Joseph is one of those players. In order to be one of those year-in year-out top corners, you need to have that nastiness to you. Joseph is one of those players who is confident, plays with a ton of swagger, and will talk shit. When it comes to potential, Joseph is capable of being a perennial all-pro. When it comes to the combination of size and speed, Joseph is a 6’1 corner that runs a sub 4.4 40 yard dash. More people need to be talking about Joseph as a first round corner. 


Joseph is the best man coverage corner in this year’s draft. He plays fast and physical, and he has aggressive hands. No corner is better in press coverage than Joseph and receivers have a hard time separating from him. His physicality also comes to play in the run game, he is able to get off of blocks and make tough tackles. Those tough tackles include tackles in the open space which is a rare trait for corners to have. When the ball is in the air, Joseph looks like a receiver playing cornerback. It’s not often that corners are playmakers, but that is exactly what Joseph is. He knows how to turn the football over, he had four picks in his final season. Joseph will most likely be drafted on day two, but he is going to play like a top ten pick.


There are not a lot of flaws in Kelvin Joseph’s game which is why I am confused he’s not being looked at as a first round prospect. Since Joseph is primarily a man coverage corner, his big flaw may be that he is limited to base man coverage teams. With that being said, if he does struggle with being a zone corner he can always play safety. He is a damn good tackler, he just needs to learn to swipe the stiff arm. Overall, what Joseph can do outweighs what he can’t do. 


This next statement I’m about to say is very bold, so don’t take this lightly. Joseph has some Revis in him. I really believe that. A more realistic comparison for him is Darious Williams, who was one of the biggest breakout stars in the NFL last year. The Bengals, Raiders, and Vikings could all use a player like Joseph to be their number one shutdown corner. Even though I think he’s a top 25 player in the class, it’s sounding like he’ll be picked in the top 50. Kelvin Joseph is one of my favorite players in this year’s draft.

Kelvin Joseph
Kelvin Joseph
Film Study

Eyes + Instincts 7.5/10

Ball Skills 7.75/8

Hands 7.25/8

Footwork 5.5/7

Physicality 6.5/7

Size + Speed 6.5/7

Man Coverage 5/5

Zone Coverage 2.75/5

Tackling 4.25/5

Overall: 53/62

Final Rating: 85

Pro Comparison: Darious Williams

Team Fits: Bengals, Raiders, Vikings

Draft Ranking: Top 25 Player

Draft Projection: Second Round Pick

Kelvin Joseph
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