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Kellen Mond Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Every year there is a project quarterback that some scouts love and other’s hate, that player in this draft is Texas A&M quarterback Kellen Mond. Mond has the physical attributes to be a freak quarterback but he is underdeveloped. By no means is Mond a sure fire prospect, he has a high ceiling but a low floor. Mond won’t be a plug and play guy, he will need to go to a team where he can sit behind a veteran quarterback and learn. My expectations for Mond are for him to be a career backup, but in the right system, he could shine.


From an intangibles standpoint, Mond is set. He’s got a cannon arm and is extremely athletic. At the next level he’ll likely be a quarterback that thrives in the read option system. He’s capable of throwing while being hit and as a passer, he does well with run pass options. Every year at Texas A&M, Mond got better. This is a testament to his ability to be coached and he soaked up a ton of information at the Senior Bowl. Mond was named Most Valuable Player at the Senior Bowl and improved his draft stock in Mobile this year. Mond is tough and plays with a lot of swagger. He can throw with velocity and touch, but he just can’t always put it together. Landing in a spot with a really good quarterback coach would be invaluable for Mond.


While Mond has all the intangibles, he struggles in a lot of the areas where you need to be a good quarterback. First and foremost, Mond is an inaccurate passer. He goes through his progressions too slowly and is constantly late on throws. His receivers get open a lot which is why his completion percentage is over 60%, but by watching his tape you see that he’d put his team in a better position to win if he’d get the ball out faster. Mond has low level awareness which results in taking blind side hits. Mond is a boom or bust day three prospect.


A few teams that come to mind where Mond would be a fit include the Seahawks, Cowboys, and Cardinals. It’s hard to find a comparison for Mond because he is such a project quarterback. Mond reminds me a little bit of Robert Griffin today. RG3 isn’t as a mobile as he was his rookie year, but can still move a little bit. Neither quarterback will be consistent with the deep ball but are serviceable back ups. Realistically, I think Mond should be a late day three pick.

Kellen Mond.jpg
Kellen Mond
Film Study

Accuracy 5.75/10

Arm Strength + Deep Ball 7/10

Pocket poise 4.5/8

Mobility 8/10

Improvisational Skills 4/5

Decision Making + IQ 6/10

Against the Blitz 5.5/8

Throw on the Run 3.5/5

Awareness 2.75/5

Overall: 47/69

Final Rating: 68

Pro Comparison: Robert Griffin III QB Ravens

Team Fits: Seahawks, Cowboys, and Cardinals

Draft Ranking: Late Day 3 Pick

Draft Projection: Late Day 2- Early Day 3

Robert Griffin III RG3
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