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Kadarius Toney Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Every year I find a receiver that I fall in love with and have him ranked higher than national media does. Last year it was Justin Jefferson, the year before AJ Brown, and this year it is Kadarius Toney the wide receiver from the University of Florida. Toney is the master of separation, he’s got a PhD in route running, and he’s a certified DB Slayer. Every year there are players who outperform where they get drafted,  I’d bet money this year it will be Toney. He plays with a lot of swagger and he has a big personality off the field. I was listening to his music on Spotify and he’s actually a really dope rapper. By the end of his rookie season, Toney will be in the running for offensive rookie of the year. 


Starting off with what he does best, Kadarius Toney is the best route runner in this year’s draft. He just toys with his defenders and makes defensive backs look like fools. He gets a lot of separation through his route running and footwork. At the top of his route, it is impossible for the defensive back to read where he’s cutting. Toney is a walking mismatch. All you really have to watch is his tape at the senior bowl. No receiver stood out more in Mobile this year than Toney. There was not one DB who could guard him in one-on-one drills. Once he gets into the league, he is going to be a man coverage killer. While Toney’s speed isn’t glaring, it is there. Florida didn’t ask him to run a lot of go routes, but he is capable of taking the top off of a defense. Toney is electric after the catch and his cuts are so sharp they can make you bleed. I actually thought he was used really well, at Florida. He can line up in the slot, outside, in the backfield, and as a punt returner. After the catch, he isn’t afraid to put his shoulder down into a defender and he will be living on “House of Highlights” next season. People are sleeping too hard on Kadarius Toney right now!


There aren’t a lot of flaws in Kadarius Toney’s game other than drops. While he was routing up defender after defender at the senior bowl he did drop quite a few passes. Davante Adams had a similar problem in his rookie season, but the more comfortable he gets and the more he works with the jugs machine, the more consistent his hands will be.


Kadarius Toney is my favorite receiver in the draft this year, and I will most likely have him ranked as my number two receiver in the draft. He’s going to gain separation in the NFL and he has the potential to be a year in year out pro-bowl player. His game reminds me a lot of Calvin Ridley. Toney should be a top 10-15 pick, but I see him being picked in the 20’s. The Eagles, who need players that can separate would be a perfect spot for him. However, six would be too early for him. Philly can either trade back, or trade up from the second round. If the Colts choose to go into the receiver direction, Toney would pair for an awesome tandem with Michael Pittman Jr.. He could also be a great pick for the Jets in the mid 20’s. I am a big fan of Kadarius Toney.

Kadarius Toney
Kadarius Toney
Kadarius Toney
Film Study

Seperation 9.75/10

Route Running 10/10

Yards After Catch 9.5/10

Speed 6.75/8

Contested Grabs 6.5/8

Releases/ Top of Route 8/8

Catch Radius 6/8

Versatility 4.75/5

Overall: 61.25/67

Final Rating: 91


Pro Comparison: Calvin Ridley

Team Fits: Eagles, Colts, Jets

Draft Ranking: Top 15 player

Draft Projection: Late First Round Pick 

Kadarius Toney
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