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Justin Jefferson Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Justin Jefferson is my new WR1 in this draft class. He’s probably my favorite player to go along with that. He has the most swag on the field at all times and he has a certain wiggle to him. His ability to make contested grabs is ridiculous and he’s like a basketball player at the top of his route. There aren’t a whole lot of cons to his game besides how he was used at LSU. His production was off the charts, but he only played in the slot (with an occasional play in the backfield). He has the size, strength, and speed to play both inside and outside, and a really good offensive coordinator will see that. He also didn’t get pressed a lot in college, but I’m not really worried about that what so ever. Jefferson has great lean and wiggle when a DB is playing him tight and he also has the basketball cross over he uses at the top of his routes. He also has high football IQ and is great with option routes (Kyle Shanahan would love that). He gets busy after the catch, he had the juke of the year vs Clemson and also juked Kenneth Murray off the screen vs Oklahoma. Justin Jefferson is my favorite player in the draft and I think he is going to be an all-pro immediately. 

Where He Should Get Drafted: Top 15

Where He Will Get Drafted: Top 25

Rating System:

Separation: B

Route Running: B

Releases/Ability to get off Press: N/A

Speed: B+

Catch in traffic: A++

Yards after the Catch: A-

Hands: B

Versatility: C

When it comes to separation, his basketball crossovers at the top of his routes and his football IQ come in handy. He ran a lot of option routes which allowed him to get open (in the hole of a defense). His wiggle and lean is what really stood out to me when it comes down to his route running. We didn't see him get pressed this year, but for reasons stated previously, I think he'll be able to adjust in the NFL. He doesn't have amazing burst, but he looked ten times faster at the combine than he did during the season. I'm not saying he was slow, but he's gotten a lot faster. The best trait in his game his ability to make contested grabs. He's got amazing body control and he'll make insane grabs with a defender all over him. He's a touchdown magnet. When it comes to yards after the catch... OOOOWEEEE. He's fun to watch. He can cut on a dime and is slippery. He also runs like he wants it more than the defender. He is determined to score! His hands are natural, but he'll drop easy grabs. He wasn't used much outside of the slot, but I think he'll be used in many different positions in the NFL.

Team Fits: 49ers, Eagles, Ravens

Pro Comparison: Chris Godwin

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