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Josh Allen QB Wyoming

The Rating System

Accuracy 3.25/5

Arm Strength 3.75/5

Mobility 3.75/5

In-the-pocket 2.75/5

Throw on the Run 4/5

Progressions 3.25/5

Presence 4/5

Against Pressure 4/5

Decision Making 2.5/5

Like a pro 3.5/5

Gut Feeling, extras, Others 2.95/5

Overall 3.40 (starter)


Josh Allen is one of the most electrifying quarterbacks in this draft class but really needs to improve on his decision making. He is best outside of the pocket and while throwing on the run. He’s got a solid arm and is a running threat aswell. He’s going to struggle in the pro’s unless he improves with his poise in the pocket and where he wants to throw the ball. He showed up for the biggest game of the season which is an amazing trait to have and I know there were scouts there looking Allen. Allen will end up going higher than he should but I think it’s important for him to be with a team with solid pieces around him. I’ve heard the Jets are very interested into him but I think he’d be a good fit with Pittsburgh where he can learn from Big Ben, or in New Orleans where he sits behind Drew Brees. He reminds me a little bit like a mixture between Carson Palmer and Trevor Simeion and I think Denver’s system fits him best. I think Allen will be best as a role player who can fill in as a backup. Allen has a lot of good traits and teammates follow him. I heard he is extremely impressive off the field and could potentially go number 1 overall.

Comparison: Andrew Luck

This whole season we heard the Josh Allen: Carson Wentz comparison, but I truly believe he is almost a replica of Andrew Luck. Allen isn't on the same level as luck when it comes to throwing in the pocket and making all the right reads, but he does have some type of presence that the guys around him thrive off of. He and Luck have similar athleticism and are both coming out of college in pro-style offenses. Allen has a personality that everybody loves and is very impressive in interviews, just like Luck in 2012. I think Allen is going to be best with a team who really wants to win and would be surprisingly very successful with the Browns.

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