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Jordan Love Draft Profile

Draft Profile

The first thing that jumped out to me on film is how calm Jordan Love is in the pocket. He throws the ball so naturally and runs the ball like he’s been a skill position his whole life. He has an amazing arm and his mechanics are just so fluid. Although he is extremely natural, he’s also super raw and needs coaching. He really struggles in the red zone, Utah State had one of the worst red zone scoring percentages in all of college football. He also needs a lot of help with his decision making, he makes so many questionable throws which is why he had nearly as many interceptions as touchdowns. He forces throws that aren’t there too often and it makes you question if he even knew the coverage the defense was in. On the other hand, his natural ability alone will at least ensure that he gets picked in the first 3 rounds. He is capable of being an amazing quarterback, some of the throws he makes are incredible. His team also had so many dropped passes which would equate to why his stats aren’t through the roof. His mobility really stood out to me, he genuinely looked fast to me and I think that will be a big part of his game in the NFL. His calm presence will be a trait that leads him to success and if he’s willing to learn he can be really good. I compare him to Mitch Trubisky because of his underrated mobility, questionable decision making, and his struggles in the red zone. Another question I have about Love is about his drop off from 2018 to 2019. Statistically, he had way more touchdowns and a lot less interceptions in his junior season compared to his senior season. While a lot of this scouting report was critical, there were some things that stood out to me. He’s really good throwing on the move and he never misses an open receiver. His drop back looks like it’s been polished and I’m interested to see if he is capable of being a high end quarterback. Love is the most raw quarterback prospect in this draft, but if he can end up in the right system he can be a starter in this league.

Where He Should Go: 3rd Round Pick

Where He Will Go: Late First Round to Early Second Round

Ideal Situation: The ideal situation for Jordan Love is to land with a team who's known for grooming quarterbacks. Because Jordan Love is so raw, it's important that he lands with an experienced coach who can help him mature. Jordan Love is a high ceiling, low floor prospect so it's vital he lands in the right place. It would be beneficial for him to sit at least a year before he gets the starting to job. I want him to get a coach who can truly go into depth on how to read a defense. Bruce Arians is great at this, he did it with Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Andrew Luck. Love is in a very similar situation to Roethlisberger coming out of a small school and being extremely raw. I think Arians can do wonders with Love. With the Colts, Frank Reich will be able to help Love a ton. Reich is a guru when it comes to helping quarterbacks diagnose coverages and defenses. The last team is more of a wildcard, but the the Saints could be a sneaky good fit. I don't expect New Orleans to take a quarterback in round one, but if they are looking for one on day two, Love could be there guy.

Team Fits: Buccaneers, Colts, Saints, Steelers

Pro Comparison: Mitchell Trubisky (With a stronger arm)

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