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Joe Tryon Draft Profile

Scouting Report

There are a lot of raw athletic pass rushers in this year’s draft and Joe Tryon may be a top that list. Before opting out of college football in 2020, Tryon was really starting to heat up and dominate the PAC-12. When Tryon is on, he’s really on. In the NBA there are streaky shooters, player get hot and in the zone, the same thing can happen with Tryon as a rusher. In his 2020 campaign, Tryon put up eight sacks, but had three games of two sacks. If put in the right spot to be developed, Tryon can be a really good rusher in the NFL.


Almost every player’s success is dictated to where he gets drafted by, but hopefully Tryon lands in a spot with a good defensive line coach. If put in the right opportunity, Tryon can be a stud in the NFL. Since he is still very raw, I wouldn’t say Tryon has any areas of expertise. He has shown that he can win with power in bull rushes. There have also been times where he’s able to use rip moves and use his hands to gain the edge. I’d love to see Tryon land in a spot where he can sit behind veteran edge rushers and develop his natural abilities. If Tryon would’ve played this year and put out good film he could’ve been the top edge rusher in this draft. Other than his bull rush, Tryon’s get off was the most impressive thing he put on tape.


While Tryon’s potential is bright, he’s still very raw. The team that drafts him will be banking on his ability to develop and not every team has the patience for it. At times, Tryon got too upfield in his rush leading to wide open running lanes for the opposing team. It also takes a while for Tryon to get off blocks. I expect Tryon tone drafted by a team that won’t need him from day one.


Tryon is such a risky pick, I have a third round grade on the guy. Hopefully in his year off of football, Tryon was able to develop his pass rush package. He needs to polish a lot of things in order to be a day one impact player. His potential is Greg Hardy, who has a negative connotation around his name due to off-field issues. As a player, Hardy was arguably the best player on the field during his prime. A defensive end that reminds me of Tryon in today’s game is Jerry Hughes. I think he’d benefit most from being drafted by a place that doesn’t need him on the field instantly. If drafted by the Packers he can play behind the Smith brothers, in Denver he’ll be behind Bradley Chubb and Von Miller, and the Rams would let him learn from Leonard Floyd and Aaron Donald. If you want a boom or bust defensive lineman, Joe Tryon is your guy.

Joe Tryon
Joe Tryon
Film Study

Strength 6.5/8

Speed 6/8

Hands 6.25/8

Athleticism 6/7

Bend 5/7

Run Defender 4.75/7

Pass Rush Moves 4/6

Get Off/Motor 3.75/5

Quickness 3/5

Overall: 45/61

Final Rating: 74


Pro Comparison: Jerry Hughes

Team Fits: Packers, Broncos, Rams

Draft Ranking: Late Third Round Pick

Draft Projection: Late First Round Pick - Early Second Round

Joe Tryon
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